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  1. Default New Calvus vs Big Daddy Ghost Shrimp Standoff

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    I took this pic with my iphone tonight, this has been the funniest thing to watch. I have this huge (2" long) ghost shrimp that I saved out of the feeder bag about a month ago because I thought he was cool. Right now he's in my new shellie tank and my calvus (who is only one inch long btw) cant figure out what to make of him. The cavlus loves eating shrimp, and you can tell he thinks he see's the ghost shrimp as food, but when ever he tries to "hunt" him, the shrimp just charges the calvus and scares him off. Its hilarious

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    ha Nice!! I'm sure the ghost shrimp has fun with that!!

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    Only a matter of time before the calvus is big enough to turn the fight around. LOL
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    LOL, I put shrimp like that in my tank with the big fish, they think there all good at night when the blue LEDs are on. Only do they know that they will be lunch for the loaches!

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    I bet that's pretty hilarious to watch LOL.
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    I have fallen in love with shrimp - they can be so fun to watch.
    5 gallon/6.5 gallon/29 gallon/37 gallon/ 55 gallon {and a 20 gallon in my office!}

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    i agree with pamela shrimp are very fun to watch i have 3 ghost shrimp the one in your tank is pretty big i was told the females are the biggest and only get to be 1 and half inch

  8. Default

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    Just wanted to update this as I thought you guys might be interested. After doing a little research it turns out it wasn't a ghost shrimp at all, it was a baby version of one of these:

    I didn't want a foot long shrimp, and the final straw was when I added my nerite snails he veraciously attacked them. After that I kindly asked my Festivum and Birchir if they would "share" their tank with him, they smiled and said "sure boss, we'll take good care of him, honest".

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    I was going to say something.... I was pretty sure it was not a ghost shrimp, but I thought it was going to food anyways.. I had one that would eat ghost shrimp for dinner, until he went carpet diving..


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