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    Not sure what goes into the water supply in Dubai but in most parts of the world, chlorine is added to the water supply to kill bacteria that we do not want in our drinking water. However, it must be removed before keeping fish. You also can not grow bacteria in your filters to maintain a "cycled" tank without it.

    If you are unable to buy pure ammonia in Dubai, there are other ways to cycle a tank such as adding some raw prawns or fish to a nylon stocking, anchoring it to the bottom of the tank and allowed it to rot. It will stink but it will cycle because the rotting will cause ammonia levels. Rotting fish food will also cycle the tank but pure ammonia is far faster. A test kit to check for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates is most useful in keeping fish. If unable to cycle the tank at all, you can start with a "few" very hardly fish and do a lot of large water changes to keep the water from becoming toxic under you can reach a cycle.

    Yes, your tank is too small for even one arowana. Do your research and soon you will know more than the person who sold you those fish and know exactly what fish to get for that tank.

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    Dear sheamurai / aeonflame / Lady Hobbs,

    Many thanks for your invaluable advice. Got the point. Seems I need a very very big tank to keep arowana... so its time to start looking for a much bigger tank.

    Shall cycle as advised in the article by Lady Hobbs. Also will look for pure ammonia along with de-chlorination liquid.


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    Excellent sirpreet!
    It may seem like more trouble at the moment, but you'll be rewarded by avoiding difficulties down the road. Plus you'll have much healthier fish!
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    You have a great attitude towards fishkeeping.
    I hope you locate a large enough tank so you can keep these rather majestic fish.They also need a large amount of filtration.
    What other fish were you planning on keeping with the Arowana's?
    Welcome to the fabulous AC!
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    Dear Lady Hobbs / Sheamurai / Northernguy,

    Many thanks for yours posts. It is very encouraging to see your comments and suggestions. Really, i didnt think anyone would reply and guide me as you all have done. Cause at most of the forums, replies are very seldom.

    Dear Northernguy: I was looking at various canister filters on the web. but shipping them to dubai is making the price more than double. I looked at the Aquatic suppliers here in Dubai. they have JBL equipement. Thus JBL CristalProfi is the model of the canister filter. Can you advise if this is fine...?

    wrt other fish with Arowana, I had thought of keeping nothing. As i read and heard that with arowana, one cannot keep any other fish as arowana eats them.

    I really want to keep arowana, as its been a dream since last 8 years, thus i have started looking for bigger tanks. Lets hope for the best.

    The test kits which I had bought were also from JBL. Pretty good testing strips and the ammonia kit was different (with test liquids).

    Await your input for JBL.

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    The JBL brand is fine. A piece of advice... use what you have available. I also live in a place where selection in equipment is limited.

    However, if you want to keep arowana, you already understand that you will need a large tank. The easiest and cheapest way to filter a tank that size is with a sump and wet/dry filter.
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    Dear All,

    Further to the below, can you please advise if i can add the new canister filter now or wait for the cycling to finish...!

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    If you are serious about keeping a small arowana, you should start with just one. they are very fragile fish when small and should be alone until they reach around 12". pick one that is eating well in the store and keep feeding it what it will eat and slowly introduce new foods for a balanced diet. aro sticks, small crickets, freeze dried shrimp/krill are all great foods.

    small arowana won't tolerate a strong current or a non-cycled tank. I would use an established sponge filter and a small canister should suffice for the first year of it's life in a minimum 55g tank. silver arowana can easily grow to 12"+ within their first year. my silver is less than 5 years old and 34".

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirpreet
    Dear All,

    Further to the below, can you please advise if i can add the new canister filter now or wait for the cycling to finish...!
    Adding the filter now would give you a chance to build up a good supply of bacteria in it altho one can be added later and run alongside whatever filter you have now.

    There must be some aquarium builders around Dubai somewhere. Perhaps you may have to put some feelers out and ask around. You might ask around the stores there and see if they could even order you one from their aquarium source.

    I'm quite impressed with your posts. You seem very nice, willing to learn and taking replies to heart. It's nice having you here.

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    Thanks Aeonflame.

    Agree with you. Shall go for JBL.

    Can you give me a model no or brand name for this sump / wet dry filter ? highly appreciate.

    As I dont know if this JBL canister filter qualifies for the above.

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