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  1. #91


    0 Not allowed!
    I'm not familar with a member Vinod but that was nice of him to send you some seeded material. If he mailed it I hope he added a couple drops of ammonia to it or the bacteria might have died off before you received it.

    Hopefully this will put a rush on those cycling blues. You meant vinodjbhatia, I bet?
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 01-26-2012 at 11:56 PM.

  2. #92


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    Yes I meant vinodjbhatia. I actually went to his place and took the filter wool with loads of bacteria on it... it was very nice of him.

    It was a treat to see his Aquarium... so so crystal clear and nice landscaping, lovely fish...

    After seeing his Aquarium... I have put some substrate in my tank as well... some gravel, two plants also... thus my tank is looking nice now. Just a thought, trust its ok for the plants to be in the aquarium ?

    seeded media inserted on the 24th Jan (water change also done on 24th Jan)

    Last water change done on 26th Jan

    Todays readings:

    Ammonia 0.25
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate between 0 & 5

    Hopefully all should be good now :-)

  3. #93


    0 Not allowed!
    This is great! That will help your fish a lot. If you are going to be keeping large fish in the tank it may not be worth your time to try to grow them. Lots of driftwood and rocks look nice, too, and don't require you to buy more expensive lights.

  4. #94


    0 Not allowed!
    thanks Lady.

    U meant by not growing the plants - correct ? just want to confirm.

    Your point noted and understood. I was getting a bit confused, if more lights are required for the plants, wont that give rise to Algae again ?

    please suggest.

  5. #95


    0 Not allowed!
    Sirpreet......without proper lighting, plants will not do well. But planted tanks also depend on the fish you will be keeping. Do you know what you will be stocking in your tank?

    Perhaps Demjor19 or Crispy will help out here (or someone) who has an Arowana. Please name the fish you will be getting please.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 01-28-2012 at 09:13 PM.

  6. #96


    0 Not allowed!
    I think he already has an arowana who is eating foodsticks.

    good to see your readings are ok and you have cycled media. now just keep them well fed and I recommend once a week 30% water changes. do you have any pics or video of the tank? how big is it again?

    kudos to you for listening to the advice given here.

  7. #97


    0 Not allowed!
    Thanks everyone for your advise.

    Yes I have 3 Arowana's in my tank. Gravel, one Driftwood, one rock, two plants.

    Arowana's are feeding on the food sticks...

    Question is if the two plants which I have in the tank, are ok ?

    I dont have any pics or video at present, shall work on it and show you.

  8. #98


    0 Not allowed!
    the tank is 100 x 60 x 40 cm. Size of Arowana's is 4 inch, 5 inch & around 6 inch (maybe a little less than 6 inch)

  9. #99


    0 Not allowed!
    I hope you have a very secure lid. arowanas WILL JUMP!!

    as for the plastic plants, they are probably ok, but you want to give your aros as much swimming space as possible.

  10. #100


    0 Not allowed!
    Thanks Crispy,

    The lid is very secure. Thus no chance of them jumping anywhere.

    The plants are not plastic ? they are real plants. Is it ok. Shall try to take a few pics and show you.

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