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    And why threads get closed before things get heated up and name calling begans.

    Everyone has an opinion. Just state it. If you disagree, that's fine to say you disagree, as well, and why. But lately here everything becomes a "rant' that goes on post after post. Most OP are happy to have their questions simply answered, not start a war.

    If anyone wants to know why a thread was closed, it would perhaps be more productive to ask the Moderator that closed it.
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    The tank did NOT have ich. Once the water was boiled it never returned, if i didnt boil it and just added the fish got ich, so sorry it was in the water supply.
    I suspected the water because that is what was causing it, the ich was coming in with the water. Nothing else i did other than boiling it was different.
    Once boiled it sat, obviously until it was cold, same temp as the tap water initially added.
    I was not the only fish keeper in town experiencing the problem at the time either. Took about 4 months and then went back to not having to boil and just adding it straight in

    As for live foods, so i will continue to treat mine with live foods because there is no risk with how i am doing it
    Lots of tanks
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    Obviously the tank did have ich if the fish had it.

    Even if it was in the water supply, the presence of ich alone won't cause an infection, so that idea doesn't hold up.

    Something wrong with the water could have stressed the fish and is more likely to cause that situation. This would also cause ich in fishkeepers across town.

    I have seen times when heavy rains required the water company to add more chlorine/chloramine, so much that the usual dosing of dechlorinators didn't take care of it all. The stress from the excess chlorine/chloramine caused ich to break out in our store. It was not because randomly there was ich in our drinking water.

    There is a difference between low risk and no risk.

    To anyone reading this:
    Although there are ways to greatly reduce the risks associated with live foods, they cannot be removed 100%. The absolute safest thing to do is stick with high quality prepared foods. If you feel you need to provide a treat of some sort I suggest sticking with frozen foods, and even then they should be fed sparingly.
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    Because you think you know what was happening in my tank back then *LOL*

    The fish had NEVER had ich for the 2 yrs (when tank was setup) prior to this outbreak, i had NOT added anything else (no plants, no fish, no decor. I had no other tanks to transfer ich from) than the normal waterchange. The water company can add all it likes, my water was NOT town supply.

    Please do not assume you know it all, i may have been new then, but i had other experienced fish keepers going through a similar thing within the same timespan. So again it was the water and nothing but the water that supplied the ich to the tank. I've never experienced it again either (mind you i am not living where i was at the time), so it is probably something rare to happen, but things certainly can come in through a waterchange

    If you breed you own or quarantine what you buy then there is a no more risk than adding a new fish. This is why quarantining is done in the first place.

    Again to feed live is a VERY low risk if done correctly

    If you buy from a store and dump em in, then yep chances are you will get something nasty
    If you wild catch yourself and dump in, yep chances are you will get something nasty

    Adding ANYTHING to your tank, even high quality food/frozen food COULD possibly add some nasty to your tank. Food companies recall things on ocassion, hey have been known to get it worng or have a contamination happen. Everytime you put your hands in the tank there is a risk something could happen
    Last edited by Alasse; 12-13-2011 at 02:42 AM.
    Lots of tanks
    Camera - Sony A33 - Sony A58
    18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM lens
    55-200mm F4-5.6 SAM lens

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    Kittens. Fur gets stuck in the throat & claws scratch esophagul tract.

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