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Thread: New ADF!

  1. Default New ADF!

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    I'm excited! I had been planning on getting a couple when my 3 Gallon was ready (pH is 7.6, which seems rather extreme, and water is 60F...), but I ended up getting my choice for free from a science teacher.

    I assume they must have come from Carolina Biological Supply, so I am rather uncertain about the frog's health, as she has probably had a stressful week, and she is currently confined to a specimen container in my 10 Gallon (which is kept at 76F-79F). I've been keeping her water clean, and she seems to be eating and moving about okay. I was thinking I might keep her there for a week or two, and just change the water daily with R/O (well), so I can be sure she's okay, before letting her go in the 10.

    She kinda freaks me out with the floating so-called "Zen pose" thing. I understand when they're just sitting there upright, suspended, but no one mentions ADFs suddenly falling over on their backs and lying motionless with their legs sticking out all funny, or suddenly stopping and drifting to the surface. I don't know if she's sick, knocking herself out, or just behaving normally. She'll be moving around, and then she'll run into a surface and just stop - or act like she can't reach the water's surface (which is quite low, now), and then ether sink or float and not move.

    I've read in several places people talking about their frogs drifting at the surface (not bloated) and then being dead the next day, which seems to have maybe been the case for one of the other frogs she was housed with. No one seems to have an answer for what causes it. The best advice I have seen is to keep the water clean, so that is what I'm doing.
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    2.5 gallon!
    Betta splendens, no plants, sponge filter

    20 gallon
    (new - work in progress)

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    My experience with and reading about ADF's has been that they are a little scary - they can make a fish keeper nervous! But even "zenning" out and floating dead-like is normal now for my two.

    One of my first ones died long ago for no apparent reason, I still have his buddy who is totally fine and another fat healthy one. No one could really help me figure out what went wrong, but to be on the safe side, I moved them to a 33 gal community tank and also keep it super clean and peaceful, and make sure to feed them with a tube so they don't miss out on dinner, they're super slow.

    Anyway, don't worry too much, they totally float down and land on their backs sometimes, I sat on the floor of the LFS several times for a long while to see what "Normal" is in a tank with a bunch of them. They do all sorts of funny things.

    Keep us posted on how she is doing, and how you know she is a she!

    African Dwarf Frogs, Betta, Dwarf Chain Loaches, Otocilclus, Ember Tetras, Amano Shrimp in one magical 31 gallon tank

    Two pea puffers in another tank!

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    Well, she just finished shedding, so I am hoping that she does better, since I read somewhere that shedding can stress them out (makes sense - shedding in reptiles can be an irritable process and can make them feel vulnerable, so I suppose it must be similar in amphibians), and she has already been under a bit of stress.... All her former tankmates died, I hear, so I'm pretty happy. I've been changing her water daily and making sure things stay nice and clean. Hopefully, I will be able to move her to a larger habitat all her own in a week or so.

    I found some neat resources, which helped me determine what kind of habitat she would naturally have, what her gender is (she is larger and fuller-bodied than a male, which seems to be typical of frogs in general, and has a cloaca), and to make sure nothing was seriously wrong with her:
    2.5 gallon!
    Betta splendens, no plants, sponge filter

    20 gallon
    (new - work in progress)

  4. Default

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    I moved her into a larger container the day before yesterday, and last night she didn't eat. I kept the water pretty clean, though she started shedding again (reaction to change in water conditions?), and she didn't last night. She died this afternoon, and I wonder if maybe, being in a separate container and not warmed by the tank, it got too cold for her? On top of not having eaten? Hard to say, but it took me forever to realize she was dead. Definitely want to try this again, though next time I will have to buy a few frogs, so I'll be more prepared for them.
    2.5 gallon!
    Betta splendens, no plants, sponge filter

    20 gallon
    (new - work in progress)

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