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  1. Default Has anybody heard of this fish?

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    I was in my pet store the other day and saw a little fish (Maybe 1.5/2 inches long?) with brilliant colours, an almost-metallic blue body with orange stripes. He was sort of shaped like a bottom feeder, flat bottom and round top, but strangest of all was that he had fins on his bottom that were almost like feet. He practically walked around the floor of the tank! I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this fish. I couldn't get any picture, unfortunately, but I'm hoping someone recognizes my description? And yes, he was in a salt water tank, that's why I thought I ought to check here.

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    sounds like a mandarin goby.

  3. Default

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    was this it?

  4. Default

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    Yes, that was it exactly, Smaug! So yes, a Mandarin Goby.. thanks you two! What a gorgeous guy.

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    Yup, Mandarin Dragonets are absolutely beautiful fish. Not surprised he caught your eye. Great display species, sadly most die in captivity because the people who buy them don't understand their feeding requirements.
    Considering a Marine Aquarium? A Breakdown of the Components, Live Rock, Cycling a Marine Tank

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    Gorgeous fish!!

  7. Default

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    I've read up on them a bit now, and maybe one day (Maaaany years to the future :D) if I ever get around to a salt water tank, I'll just have to have them. They're too stunning to ignore!

  8. Default Mandarin

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    If you do set up a saltwater tank and want mandarins I'd sugest you set up a reef tank and get it well established before adding a mandarin. They are very finiky eaters and most will only take live copepods. However they are well worth the effort.

  9. Default

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    Mandarin Dragonettes, which is what they are, since they aren't gobies, must be kept in the large, very well established reef tank equipped with multiple HOB refugiums and the sump converted to a reverse daylight refugium. Mandarin Dragonettes aren't finicky eaters, they are obligate eaters; copepods and other micro-crustaceans. They forage for them nearly all day, every day.

    I've kept eight Mandarin Dragonettes (one male, seven females) upwards of nine years because I was well prepared to. Their tank have five HOB refugiums and the large sump is a reverse daylight refugium. I also have a live phytoplankton drip to keep that 'pod' population high, since Mandarins aren't my only reef fishes that eat them.

    Should give you an idea what's necessary to keep a Mandarin Dragonette healthy and long term.

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  10. Default

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    Thanks, guys.. don't worry, I did read up on the guy. Even if I ever did get a SW tank, it would be a long while before I was adding any Mandarin Dragonettes to them.

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