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Thread: Sick Blenny

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    Mar 2011

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    Unhappy Sick Blenny

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    I have a problem with my Starry Blenny. He has always been fat and healthy. I've had him for 2 years, he was my 2nd fish I got after I started my 29 gal saltwater tank. I noticed about 2 months ago he was looking thinner, I have had trouble getting him to eat anything but frozen mysis so thought maybe he was lacking something in his diet. The fish store recommended some frozen food made especially for herbivores so I got that and he loves it but has not put on any weight. I thought he had a tumor because he had a lump on his belly that didn't look like any of the parasites or diseases I could find. Then all of a sudden the lump was gone, but he just keeps getting skinnier. He acts the same as normal and comes right out to feed. I make sure he gets food because the cleaner shrimp tends to swim right up and take food right away from him if I don't stay right there and feed him. He just keeps getting skinnier and looks awful. The last few days he seems less lively and doesn't stay out feeding as long as usual. I don't want to lose him, does anyone have any idea what could be wrong or how to help him? My other 3 fish and my corals and shrimp are all doing fine with no problems. I also haven't added anything new to the tank for a long time. Any thoughts would be helpful.
    Thank you

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    Since this fish is the only fish that has shown any signs of illness, I think we can safely rule out water parameters as an issue, as well as an internal parasites. While this may sound somewhat unhelpful, it almost sounds as though your fish has suffered some kind of internal issue that would be suppressing his natural appetite. There are a number of things it could be, but I suspect the issue is a genetic one. Just as some humans are genetically predisposed to things like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, there are animals that are predisposed to internal health issues as well.
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    Thanks for your thoughts on this problem. I guess I'll just continue to feed him as much as I can get him to eat and see what happens.

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    Does he do any grazing on algae at all? Or are you lucky and dont have any?

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