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  1. Default Clarification of tankmate vs tank size

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    I just wasn't sure as the wording is often ambiguous... or maybe I just can't get it through my thick skull. I've heard plecos are good tnakmates for an oscar, and they both need at least a 75gal tank. Is that 75 each, or is the pleco out of the way of the oscar's swimming enough that with sufficient filtering, it'll be OK? Or would a 150 be the only option for these two together? What about those 90's some oscar owners use?

    Also saw on here that a single convict would make a good companion for an oscar... would that change the need of tank dimensions? Could the convict remain with the oscar forever, or only until the oscar reaches a certain size (granted that they remain on good terms with each other)?

    Any other options that can be considered?

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    Tank mate should be used when referring to fish that live compatibly with each other. It is not interchangeable with tank size in any way.

    Tank size is determined by a number of factors. For example, an Oscar is a very large fish and if you do not get a big enough tank he wouldn't have much room to swim or turn around.

    While you do not need to double the tank size for a second fish, you do need to provide enough adequate swim space for both. So you would start at your largest fish minimum amount and add some additional gallonage for additional tank mates so that both have room and comfortable living space.

    For example, a single goldfish starts at 20-30gallons and adding a second fish would mean you needed to increase the volume by another 10 gallons (meaning you are up to 30-40 gallons)

    So for your pleco and Oscar, if you consider 75 as the minimum for an Oscar, I'd suggest adding additional amount of gallons if you wanted to add the pleco... Which will depends on what kind of pleco you want to get for one.

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    I personally wouldn't keep an oscar in a 75g at all. They grow large and quite fast at that, and a 75g is going to get real tight real quick. Some people do keep a single oscar in a 90g but I wouldn't do anything less than a 6ft tank.

    As for a companion, well that is ultimately going to depend on the personality of the individual oscar. I've had one that was afraid of ghost shrimp and one that attacked everything in the tank. So take that into consideration.

    A convict would be a suitable tankmate, as would a lot of other cichlids. The benefit of convicts is they're small and quick so if they need to get away they can easily hide. They're also inexpensive if that helps. I personally would stay away from the common plecos. They get very large, produce huge amounts of waste, and can get aggressive at times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trillianne
    Tank mate should be used when referring to fish that live compatibly with each other.

    So for your pleco and Oscar, if you consider 75 as the minimum for an Oscar, Which will depends on what kind of pleco you want to get for one.
    I agree,it all depends on the pleco species.I would go for one in the six to eight inch range.L 200(green phantom);L047(mango);L264(sultan);L301(Para);L096( spiney monster)more around 10 inches max,stuff like that.In my personal experience albino oscars do not grow "As" large as most,and a 75 would be fine for an oscar and a companion(pleco)with weekly water changes.Plus it ,meaning the oscar would be happier in a well maintained 75 gallon than a smaller pet store tank.I have seen full grown cichlids in shops that are in small tanks,for months,perhaps longer than a year on occasions.So in closing better in a 75 gallon than in" most "stores.

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    Will the height difference between a 100 and a 125 matter much for the oscar (and/or the listed plecos/companion cichlids?) I'm thinking either the 100/125 for my oscar, when I get a house this next year, to be his permanent home-tank. I'll check out those plecos to see which one I like best (and which is orderable in my area at all, heh). So almost any other cichlid would be OK, if I don't go with a convict? Or only certain types (like no *such and such*?)? Should I only get one convict, or would 2-3 be better for their own happiness? In a 100 vs 125, could the numbers get bigger, or could I introduce some other background fish that won't be troubled much by the oscar? Or even pleco + cichlid?

    I wouldn't know yet how aggressive my Marlowe is with other fish, he likes to approach the glass with people (and food containers), has only nibbled on me twice (once while feeding and not dropping it fast enough, another when changing water but not moving my hand for a minute or two), but now when there's a lot of commotion on the tank cover, he does hide in his plants.

    Also, should he be introduced with a friend in his temporary 40gal breeder tank, so there isn't such a size disparity by the time he goes into the 100/25? Like, they get a bit bigger together? I would assume he'd be less likely to see another fish as food, if it wasn't so much tinier than him...?

    Thanks for all your help for me to get some major plans done!

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    I was also assuming it'd be better to introduce the companion fish when Marlowe is moved to the 40 (after it is quarantined too), so that it's new territory for both, kind of like when starting a betta sorority... would that help?

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    Um, did I ask too many questions? :3 I did like the para pleco best for the info I found and even the price from a few websites, heh heh, in case there's any more info I should know about them in regards to adding with Marlowe?

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