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    do i really need 2 different filters, or will just a canister filter suffice? 2 filters seems kinda overkill to me

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    On the filter I run 2 on my mbuna tank. If you decide to run 1 filter I would get 1 rated for a tank bigger than you are going to use to handle the bioload you will have since most mbuna tanks are overstocked to reduce aggression.

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    i thought everyone in the fish scene was against overstocking? man this is so confusing

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    Mbuna are aggressive. It's suggested to overstock to help with aggression. That way the aggression is spread out and its not 1 fish constantly getting picked on. I stocked with 18 and returned 1 because it was picked on and lost one that was picked on that I didn't catch right away. Right now everyone is getting along pretty well. I run 2 filters also.
    Everyone is a genius,
    but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
    it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid
    ~Albert Einstein

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    An Mbuna tank when done right from the start can be a very rewarding experience. But when done wrong will cause nothing but headaches. They can be very confusing at first. Make sure you ask any and all questions you can think of before you start an Mbuna tank and read up on them as much as possible first, and get your information from a couple of different places.

    When I started my Mbuna tank I did everything wrong. And I lost a lot of fish because of it.

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    Overstocking mbunas isn't really a recommended way of keeping them, just an accepted way. People just do it to reduce aggression. A properly kept mbuna tank, mirroring how they would live in the wild, would seem pretty bare to most people.

    2 filters is not overkill, especially with mbuna. Most people here run two filters on their tanks. I have three filters on my african tank, and I consider that just nicely filtered, not overfiltered.
    20gal long planted community

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    It was suggested/recommended that I overstock my tank by many here on the forum. It was also suggested/recommended that plenty of rockwork/caves be in the set up also. That seems to help them keep out of eachothers way. My rock work and caves are set up with the openings facing different directions so they don't see eachother from their cave.
    Hang in there Rob!! You have plenty of time to read about them before you get the tank and cycle it!!
    Have you read Fishguy2727s sticky in the Malawi section? It addresses overstocking and why it's done and also talks about filters and sooooo much more, it's a great read!
    Everyone is a genius,
    but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
    it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid
    ~Albert Einstein

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    thanks for all the help guys/gals

    and wamiss, i'll definitely be reading that

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    Mbuna in the wild are densely packed together, since the rock work on the edge of Lake Malawi which is loaded with the algae they eat doesn't extend super far into the lake. If you watch the rift lake Mutant Planet it's pretty awesome to see how packed in they are. I would not recommend understocking a mbuna tank, especially a smaller tank like a 55g.
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    Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.

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    Hmm, I keep transplanting peacock habits to mbuna...gotta stop that...
    20gal long planted community

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