Google is useless for this one. I can see the pictures of females on google, but cant find any good pics for males, other than pictures of them mating, which doesnt help me. I got a new frog for my new betta so that both bettas have a frog in their tank. Sunny (my original frog) is a female, they tell me on the warranty i bought her with that they all should be females from that dealer, and i checked online and yes, shes female.

But that place doesnt sell frogs without tanks, so i went elsewhere. They dont know if their frogs are male or female, and to make sexing harder, they are all very young and tiny and i cant see good enough to determine anything with the horrible info i have. I do not understand what these people on the sites i find when i google are talking about at all. Anybody have a good diagram or pictures of each gender from areas i need to look? I need to know if im safe to put these two together when i take them to Florida in March without getting tadpoles or having to murder poor little frog eggs that happened by accident.