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View Poll Results: Peppermint Shrimps for Aiptasia control?

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Thread: Aiptasia attack

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    Aug 2011

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    Thanks again for the photo's and advice, I'm still using the Aiptasia-X and am keeping them under control, I'll let you know of the sucess of the shrimps when I get them. I had heard about the Nudibranches but was told that when all the aiptasia is eaten they die and cause water condition problems, any advice about this would be appreciated

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    Aug 2011

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    Marine Tank Day 102 27.11.2011.JPG Quick photo of the tank, I'll try to get a better one soon.

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    A fish for your upcoming aquarium! - Rue   For your daughter's tank! - Rue   for making me laugh thank for the info - Cliff   Thanks for the CO2 info, have one on me !!! - Cliff   sorry about your betta, he was beautiful - Jeddi   


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    you are quite right that without apistasia to eat they will starve.

    I have aiptasia in all three chambers of my sump and in my weir too.

    once the tank clears I'm sure that they will spread back meaning a constant supply. I might agrivate the ones in the sump to make them spawn more if it comes too it!!!

    Imagine, encoraging apistaias to grow!
    Used to try and keep track of my fish here.....

    Ran out of room and time!!!

    Instead I'll tell you the best piece of fishkeeping equipment ever....... Algae Scrubber :)

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    Just because... - alfcea   for starting a saltwater tank - cocoa_pleco   Tanks really coming together! - oldhead   merry christmas - cocoa_pleco   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  :) - KrytterKrys   


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    The berghai nudibranches are the biggest waste of money, i spent $100 on 3 last year and havent seen them since and no reduction in the aiptasia population. I think you need a large amount of them to do any good.

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    Just a little somthing to get your gift section started :) - tanks4thememories   Thanks for the supportive post - for your SW tank - Cliff   From another goof - so you don't have to wait as long - Cliff   Aw shucks....   I'm flattered - Cliff   Merry X-mass - Cliff   


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    gotta be careful with the nudi's too b/c some eat coraline and eat corals... which i'm assuming you don't want haha
    55g Long --> After 18mo of doing well the tank crashed during moving. Most likely cause: Flatworm Die-off... won't start another until after moving... Likely not until late 2013

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    "Take a chance, because you never know how perfect some things can turn out" -- unknown

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    Aug 2011

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    Got 3 peppermints now and the first thing they went for was the Aiptasia (result), and as of this morning there is no sign of any Aiptasia in the tank, however I'll wait and see as they are resilient and will more than likely reappear.

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