I am seeing some lovely brain corals that tickle my fancy lately.My tank is lit with a 6 bulb t5ho 36" fixture sporting 230 watts of 10k and actinics. I have no skimmer but run a xp3 packed full of chemical and carbon filtration.I have a low to med flow tank with zoas,mushrooms and clove polyps.I have a med fish load with all reef safe fish. I do have a rather large cuc consisting of blue leg hermits,ceriths,emerald and red leg crabs as well as 2 boisterous large hermits that I cannot bare to give up.I want one more big coral or I want a clam for a centerpiece.My wife wants the clam,I really dont want to have to deal with the water perfection needed for one. To my eye,a big brain coral looks just as eye catching and possibly less involved then a clam.How about some suggestions for ole newbie smaug on some nice brains to finish things up with.My stable params are as follows.
sal 1.025
ph 8.0
mg 1400
ca 400
phos 0 [elos and api kits]
nitrate less then 1
dkh 12 to 13
Suggestions as to what type of non green brain would work well for me. I really do not want to get a skimmer any time soon so keep that in mind.