I know there has been a few question about the new feature that hyperlink certain brands, websites etc. I therefore want to take the time to provide some more information about the feature here.

The function is installed for two reasons.
  • One to make it easier to visit sites being talked about.
  • To prevent spam. The function automatically overwrites a lot of spam links making it harder to earn money by spamming the forum.
Whether or not it will be a tool that will make it easier to visit companies talked about or if it just feel too spammy to have the links inserted remains to be seen and I am going to post a poll about that in a few days where you all get to make your voice heard about it.

Someone wondered if AC earns anything from the links being inserted. Links are being inserted to companies that the script knows regardless of whether they feature any affiliate program or if they have any relationship with AC. A large majority of the links inserted are in fact to companies that have no relationship with AC what so ever (directly or indirectly) other than you guys writing about them. To put it into perspective. In 24 hours the links earned AC 26 cents which is more than I would have expected so I think it should be obvious that these links have nothing to do with money.

The poll to see how you guys like the feature will be posted Sunday: I would like to ask anyone to give the system a few days before you decide whether you like it or not and to not post your opinions before that. You will all get your chance to say what you think and feel Sunday when you have had time to use the system for a few days. For that reason this thread will be Closed.

Until Sunday!