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    Default scmelik's 10g journy

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    Having a nice fish tank has always been one of those things that has been in the back of my mind for years. For a long time I thought I wanted a reef tank (and part of me still does), but I just couldn't afford to set one up and keep it running so that has had to put on the back burner for awhile. One day while I was walking through WalMart I saw they had a 10g kit for 30 bucks so I thought now was the time. When I first bought it I knew next to nothing other than the fact that I wanted a sweet looking tank that had bright colorful fish. When I got it home I started doing some research and found this place and have since changed what I wanted in a tank.

    Having thought I knew enough of the basics to get started so I setup the tank and get it filled and the plastic decorations and the white, blue and black rocks I bought. Knowing that i needed to get it cycled and not having the fish to cycle it I opted to do a fishless cycle with a raw shrimp. I let the tank go for about two weeks all the while looking around on here and the great tanks and decided the plan that I had just wasn't going to cut it I wanted something better. So the tank got tore down and cleaned up ready to move on to a tank that was more "mature". I took it out and painted the back of it black, ordered a heater and some black Tahitian Moon Sand, at this point I wasn't sure exactly what direction I was going to take the tank but I knew I was closer to the right track.

    Once I got it re-setup and filled with water I had to add ammonia to get the cycle started, well that turned out to be a disaster. I ended up doing 5 complete water changes before I got out enough of the ammonia to start my cycle, then I had another problem to deal with WAY to much dechlorinator and my tank looked like this.

    4 more 100% water changes and a thorough cleaning to the filter I finally got it cleared up. Of course this meant that i had to start all over yet again with my cycle but I know knew more than I did a month ago when I initially got my tank so I was more prepared to do it correctly.

    I went into the local fish store where I live hoping that they would have some driftwood that I could get boiled and soaking. To my luck they did and I found a piece that I liked, although it is probably alittle big. Here we are at 2 weeks of the cycle with the driftwood in place, 1ppm Ammonia, 5+ppm Nitrites, 0ppm Nitrates.

    I spent the past few weeks researching what plants I wanted to put in there and I finally decided on a Java fern and Anubias nana to start with. Those came in today and I have them placed where i think I want them (those pictures will come tomorrow). Now its time to finish off the cycle and decide on exactly what I want for a inhabitants.

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    You needed one! - korith   


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    Here are the pictures of it now with the plants that came in yesterday. I am slightly worried that the JF isn't going to get enough light back behind the driftwood so it may have to get moved.

    front view of the tank

    side of the tank

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    Looks good, you might want to leave the light off while fish-less cycling because ammonia and light can lead to bad algae problems. Java fern and Anubias should both be fine with background light for a month or so. You also should pull the Java fern rhyzome out of the gravel, or it will rot!
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