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    Unhappy Terrified Cichlids???

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    I have 15 mbunas of 3 different species in my 60gallon. They are all juvies and doing well with each other 5~6 of them have grown to double the size i bought them at. Anyways heres the problem, whenever there is movement in the room the just totally dash into the rockwork. I had done a regular weekly wc and two days later they started to do this, so the possibility of them getting afraid because of the wc are slim. Right now as my back is towards them and theres no one else in the room they are swimming in the open(can see it thru a mirror i specially put for the purpose), but as soon as i turn back they dash into the rockwork. Even when i put in their feed they will not come out till i go away..............

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    I wouldn't fret, it sounds like typical mbuna behavior. Mine still dash into the rocks when I get near the tank, and I've had them for over two years. The only time they stay out is when it's feeding time. And they know when that is, because they're waiting before I get there. They may get more comfortable for you over time, but it is still part of their natural behavior to hide in the rocks. Mbuna does mean rock fish in the native language, after all!
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    My Yellow Labs dart in the rock work like that, but the ACEIs and Blue Dolphins are out swimming all the time. If it's feeding time all are out begging.
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    Gez, my firemouth did that and they aren't africans.

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    Agree with everything 190 said. Give them time to get used to you, soon they'll associate you with food and be less scared. The more time you spend doing stuff in front of the tank the quicker they will get used to you.
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    Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.

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    Mine dash as soon as i get near the tank. I have a little stool i sit on to watch them and they come out and hang at the front of the tank. Some of them even pose when i take pictures

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    I wudnt be so worried but they have shown this behavior only a few days bak while ive had them for like 2 months.... but guess ill just wait for them to get normal.......

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    if your room is brightly lit up that will make them very nervous when you move. make it where the tank light is only one on in room when you feed them . they will remain out.

  9. Default

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    I can video it.Mine will come to the glass and look back at you when you sit there looking a few seconds.Like the picture in my intro with the yellow lab and the dark one with yellow fins are to look back.I always sit on the edge of the coffee table to watch the fish.

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    My african's will be swimming for me whether I am in the other room, walking towards them, watching tv in the same room, or even feeding. They are comfortable with me because I spend time with them, feed twice per day, do weekly water changes.

    However, when my fiancee comes in the room or does anything, they all hide. hahahaha...

    We've even tested this, she would walk slowly toward the tank, they'd hide. She would leave the room and i'd immediately come to the tank and they would all come out.

    I think they know that I am their food source. My fiancee doesn't do anything for them.
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