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    May 2006
    West Midlands, United Kingdom

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    I think you need fish that will make a mess for all those CoryCats - MuckyFish   A pair of discus ought to do the job, I should get you a set of six but wouldn't want to overstock your tank :-) - MuckyFish   


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    Quote Originally Posted by kimmers318
    I must agree also corycat...I had never had bettas before because all I knew about them was they couldn't be kept together. Seemed like an unhappy fish tank to have just 1 fish in it. I tried to talk Riley into getting a bigger tank...but this is what she wanted (actually went with a stupid glo in the dark one first which sucked!). She has been awesome about properly feeding (yes at 4) her hamster and fish, but none of the fish she has chosen so far have been too happy in a 5 gallon, so they have ended up in my big tank. I decided one night to do some research and ask around about putting a betta in there and I came to the same conclusion....a betta would be much happier in this tank than anything else that would be colorful. My only fear was that it wouldn't be active since I have never seen an active betta. Guess that is because they don't have proper homes cuz this guy cruises around constantly! The first day he stayed still most of the time, but by day 3 he was whizzing around and checking us out. I take care of the weekly water changes, she feeds and watches. I taught her how to make him flare with a mirror and she looks forward to giving him a few minutes of flare time each day. So know, if there are any more bettas in this house they will go into something larger than a 1 gallon fish bowl, and tank will be filtered! There are plenty of inexpensive small tanks out there that really aren't good for much, but would be great for bettas...I just wish store employees would tell people that!
    You are all stars :) I have been to some forums, and in fact I am banned from 2 becasue I didn't agree with someone who raised bettas for fighting, and kept the poor little fish in the tiny cups, no heat no filter nowt.
    I didn't even swear at the people, just disagreed with what they were doing and they toallty flamed then banned me :P

    I am glad that most peeps here agree, but like I said, not everyone agrees and I wont argue about it, but I will state my opinion :) lol :)

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    Feb 2006
    Nova Scotia, Canada

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    kickme and knock some sense into me, yeah - rollie   Ok, well here goes nothing *kicks sense into rollie*   :P - Drumachine09   for being a good freind with help and advice along with RAK - DemonShark   


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    i to have been told to leave 3 fish forums. they did not like my advice.
    let the bells rings and the horns blow, for i am

    check it out if you want to.
    100 gallon
    75 gallon
    50 some set up, now.
    over 50 13 1/2 gallon tanks

    in all have over 200 tanks

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    Mar 2006

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    They are so much fun to watch when thay have some room.So Beautiful.
    Not the Brightest Bulb in the Box but not the Dimmest either

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    Jun 2006

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    I agree with everything said in this whole board. By the way that is the most colourful betta i have ever seen. I wanna get one just like it. Is your tank filtered and heated because i have a small 7 gallon but no heaters fit in it. If you do have a heater could you tell me which brand. Thanks

    and Good luck with you betta.


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