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    Well, the first lot of fry didn't make it, but that didn't stop them from trying again! You can see the eggs on the roof of the cave

    And the male warning me to back off from his nest

    Looking at the FTS from mid June I can't believe how much the plants have grown, will post a more recent FTS later.

    And, excellent news, the mystery fungus is just about gone. I've cut back on feeding to every couple of days and it seems to have done the trick.

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    I can't see the eggs in the cave now, I don't know how long they take to hatch, but the female is still hanging out in the cave so it's possible she has fry in there.

    Just having a general look through the tank last night I was amazed to see a fry from their first brood. I didn't realise what it was at first because I kind of assumed none of them would make it; I didn't take any particular care of them like fry food or removing them to another tank but but there it was amongst the hygrophilia, about a quarter the size of the female. Pretty happy with that.

    I cut right back on feeding for the last 2 weeks, only feeding ever 3 days, and the mould which was plaguing my substrate is gone :D Bubbles from underneath are still churning the soil into the capping sand, but it's dark, it looks pretty good, and the plants love it. Might get some cories at the weekend.

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    Having some trouble with BBA at the moment so I shortened the lighted period and covered the tank during the day, unfortunately all this seems to have done is kill all my hygrophillia, any suggestions for dealing with BBA in a planted tank would be welcome.

    Disaster struck after Tuesday night's WC when the pump refused to start; I seem to have a lot of particulates in the water (I suppose due to the substrate) and it appears to put the motor in the pump under a lot of strain and it just gave out. There was nothing I could do about it until yesterday after work, so I was fretting all day, but everyone is fine. I've put the old filter material in the new housing and the new material in the old housing, and hopefully I'll be able to swap the old for the new before long.

    The fry from the apisto's first brood is looking well; has gotten a lot braver, and is now hanging around with the grown ups. I'll have to rehome shortly, but unfortunately I have no idea what sex it is. It's coloured more like a female, but the tail is more lyrate than its mother's and the front of the dorsal fin isn't as dark. Unfortunately my QT tank is in a box somewhere as we were renovating and I'll have to dig it out if I want to separate the juvenile and see if it colours up. There are also at least two survivors from the last brood hanging around too. I shall have to talk to my LFS and see if they would be interested in taking them.

    My mould problem vanished practically overnight after a couple of days of fasting the tank. The substrate isn't churning up with bubbles any more, but I've had to rig up a syphon out of an old water bottle to try to remove the soil from on top of the sand; not easy in a tank with a lot of driftwood.

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    FTS of my big tank

    Urgh, BBA

    Male apisto in fine form

    Juvenile (male?) apisto

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