I know i havent been on in awhile but had a question.
So i have a 40 gallon tank I use for africans I grow out for my brother, I have an eclipse catfish that i really like now he has been in to 40 then my brothers 55 and then his 75 but now he is back with me in the 40. He started out at 3 to 4 inches and is now close to 6 when i measured him up against the class i have had him since about last decemberish. even tho he doubled in size (inches) he looks like he could eat his old self. im worried his growth isnt very healthy, em i confining him too much? There seems to be a lot of swimming room for him. Also he is finnaly starting to get an appitite during the day. He has never had problems with the cichlid either.
So what im getting at is does this sound normal? or do i need to change something now?
sorry havent been on in awhile so if you need more info just ask questions thanks