I squeeze and rinsed out the two media sponges, that reside inside my filter, in the tank water this morning before doing a 50% water change. Before I done the water change the water was quite congested with occupants of the media (waste etc).

After doing the water change, de-chlorinating the water and putting the filter/pump back on the water settled and became clear again after a few hours.

However, since the water has settled I have noticed my 5 year old goldie "Jack" has been up the top of the tank for most of the time. I also have a small shubunkin in the tank who seem to be unaffected.

Do you think there is an issue with the amount of waste that was floating around in the tank earlier this morning?

Any other idea why Jack is spending most of his time up the top of the tank? :/

I should point out that I am currently treating the fish for White Spot (every four days as advised on the bottle)

Some details on my tank are:
  • one 5 year old comet
  • one 2 month old shubunkin
  • 3 live plants
  • constant filtered/pumped water
  • temp 18-20 degress celsius
  • Hagen Tropiquarium 68 tank