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Okay, so at my kids daycare school, they have 2 large fish tanks in one of the rooms. been there for years..well the past 3 or 4 months I noticed the water quality and overall quality of the tank was diminishing. I talked to the owner of the school and I was told the the person that was taking care of the tanks is no longer there, that no one else knew how to handle this so they hadn't cleaned the tanks for months....so I promptly volunteered to be the keepers of the tanks.. so now I need you help. I don't know anything about Oscars. This fish is about a foot long and is in a 70 or 75 gallon tank....
what I did:
Last night scrubbed and scrubbed the algae off the inside of the tank... took and hour... I vacuumed the gravel really well wound up doing almost a 50% water change, the filter system sh had on there has bio bags and they were completely mucked up no water could pass, so I cleaned them in a bucket of the old tank water and added bio media to the bags... she had an aqua clear 70 in a bunch of stuff under the tank stand, so I got that cleaned up with a good sponge and bunch of bio media.. there was no heater on the tank the water was at 69 degrees, i asked her to buy a heater and I installed that and set it for 80 degrees.
also i asked her to get some better food then the flak crap she was feeding the fish, I wanted the new life spectrum food, but she could not find it locally so she bought tetra cichlid sticks and a bag of frozen shrimp from the grocery store.... so how much should i feed this thing? and any other advice is greatly needed... sorry about my grammar and spelling i am at work and in a hurry,,,, Aaron
nice! fish rescue... id love to hear how this worked out so far... ive got two oscars in a large 125 gallon and i just hate going to the pet store or someones house and seeing a big fish crammed in a small tank.

just make sure that your giving lots of water changes but dont shock it. and clean the uneaten food after 10 min to make sure that it stays clean. that can even be assigned to someone in the class or classes...

i just love seeing animals get rescued... i saved my newest puppy... actually we found her in a park.... its a story for another thread im sure.

anyways good on you.