I recently posted about my new Turquoise, I want some opinions on keeping these guys in my community. After the initial death of a bloodfin tetra, I have seen no other aggression, but I figured I would ask for some personal opinions before the return to store time is up. We added 5 turquoise to our community tank (2 males, 3 females. we also have a female dwarf neon rainbow) Tank mates are harlequin rasboras, longfin zebra danios, bloodfin tetras, glowlight tetras, a dwarf gourami, a honey gourami, otos, cories, and 2 adult and 2 juvie mollys.
We've had the dwarf neon rainbow for quite some time, it hangs out with our mollys and gourami (go figure) and loved it. after searching for dwarf neons we gave up and got turquoise.

The tank is a 56 gallon column running with 2 aquaclear 70s. Temp is kept 78f and the tank is well cycled with no ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates.