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    Default my new jaguar cats

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    i bought 2 jaguar cats today, and of course i got attached immediately.

    so what i need from you guys is just some general advice/tips on how to care for a jaguar cat. i want my little guys to grow large and thrive!

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    Ypsilanti, Michigan

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    this should be a good start if you haven't read it yet:
    300 gallon mega tank: sailfin pleco, clown loaches, silver dollars, roseline sharks, congo tetras, new world cichlids
    125 gallon office tank: Africian cichlids, synodontis catfih
    75 gallon community tank: bolivian rams, black skirt tetras, dwarf neon rainbowfish, corys, harlequin rasboras, otos, bristlenose and bulldog plecos, assassin snails, various shrimp
    60 gallon goldfish tank: fancy goldfish

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    65 gallons
    1x Gold Gourami
    1x Gold Severum
    2x Green Severum
    4x Leopard Danio
    4x Zebra Danio
    2x Black Veil Angelfish
    1x Rainbow Shark
    1x Bristlenose Pleco

    Plus the cats, you should be looking to upgrade tanks or get rid of some fish. Jag ctas get 9".

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    the cats will be added to my 75 gallon once i get it

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    The jaguar catfish will disappear,and you will see them again with danio's missing.Severums,will also eat them.

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    every fish in my tank is a juevenile at the moment, im going to be getting a 75 gallon soon and both my cats will go in there, and i expect my danios to be eaten at some point. they were mainly to make the tank look busy as the fish grew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northerly
    and i expect my danios to be eaten at some point. they were mainly to make the tank look busy as the fish grew.
    HEY!!!!! The danios are still fish!!! Rehome them if you don't want them!!!! Letting them get killed is like shooting the horse you were using until your tractor came!
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
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    That was a bad analogy.
    The tractor doesn't use horse meat for fuel but fish do eat fish to survive.
    This doesn't neccesarily happen in most home tanks but it is his tank.
    Many grow guppies as feeders.
    What is the difference in having danios ,guppies or gold fish for feeders?
    They are food in the wild.
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    I know this is a bit old but I had to post ...

    Having kept 3 Jaguar Catfish for near a year now I feel somewhat qualified to comment on some of what's been said here.

    Are these actual Jaguar Catfish (Liosamodora Oncinus)?

    If a Jaguar Catfish is kept well fed it is unlikely to eat any other fish in the tank, mine have co-habitted with fish as small as Neons for a year without a single loss.

    More of the problem with Jaguars is the feeding habits, they need to be fed with lights out when the room is pretty close to dark .. it can take months to adjust them to subdued lighting.

    You will have far more issues with them regarding temp and water ph than you will have with them eating danios. They will only "take" other fish if you intentionally do not feed them and that would be honestly cruel on 2 counts, 1 effectively starving the Jaguar and 2 sacraficing another fish because you have intenionally not cared for the predator.

    They are my favourite fish and a species I have done quite significant research on (in order to better care for mine). If you need any help with them please let me know, I will do my best.

    Cheers and sorry if this comes across harsh

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