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Thread: Goldie Haven

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    Very impressive tank!

    It's custom right? What kind of bracing do you need on a tank that large? do you know the thickness of the acrylic/glass? do you have it on a stand?

    I'm starting a goldfish specific setup right now and i'd love to build something large scale like you have for them...maybe a little longer and shorter though

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    The glass used is over half an inch thick. From my understanding, the bracing is done via the way the corners meet -- the sides overlap the back and front, are thicker glass & a very high grade silicon was used -- and the use of much thicker (over an inch) at the bottom so that there is no need for a central brace of any kind. With the glass being so thick and tempered, there is no "give" to it at all, so there wasn't much concern about needing to brace it. If I had to do it again, I think I'd go with bullet proof acrylic instead of glass and build a hex. shaped tank instead of oddly rectangular. Either way, a rather expensive venture -- much more so today than when the tank was built many years ago. Note that I did not assemble this one myself -- chose to use a professional who works exclusively in glass -- due to the high risk of damage if something went wrong. Plus the warranty on the glass itself was contingent upon the use of a licensed handler.

    Oh, yes, it does sit on a stand mainly to better distribute the weight.

    Might be too much info., but I hope I answered your question =)

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    merry Christmas !!
    Lucas Goodding

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    awesome pics

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    Thank you both!!

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    Been away for a while.... Here's the beginning of the Dec. update. Of note is the level of plant growth. The E. Bleheri in the background is now almost 4ft. tall. The Ludwigia has once again reached the surface and is about 6ft. long in some places.

    Here are the photos (will add more later). Click on photos for bigger versions.

    Full tank shot:

    Left side:

    Comments welcomed =)

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    And the rest of the photos for the Dec. update.... Fishy shots! Of note is the color change in Hershey (her tail is now almost completely orange), the growth spurt of Pepper, and the calico fantail now has a name & has grown quite a bit (especially the fins) =) Hope you enjoy =)

    Click on photos for bigger versions.

    Hershey Sparkles

    Will Pout for Food (Hershey)


    Continued below...

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    .... Continuation....

    Kanji Stealing Hershey's Moment in the Spotlight

    Kanji & Pepper

    Fishy Curiosity Got All 3 Goldies

    Comments welcomed!

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    I LOVE your fish and tank. One of the best tanks that I have ever seen period. You should enter your tank in a compotition somewhere. I bet that you would win.
    Lots of tanks. Some tanks are planted. Fish include community and bettas.
    2 Dachshunds. Angel (Red) and Cookie (Chocolate Dapple).
    Shiny Things and Beauty the rabbits.
    RIP Princess and Max the Dachshunds, Tiger and Ping Pong the rabbits, and all the fishes from when I was a newbie.
    It is Ldoerr NOT Idoerr.
    Black kitten named Midnight that was found 10/29/12

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldoerr
    I LOVE your fish and tank. One of the best tanks that I have ever seen period. You should enter your tank in a compotition somewhere. I bet that you would win.

    Thank you! You're too kind

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