Stock List:
1 Shubunkin Goldie, 1 Chocolate Ryukin Goldie, 1 Calico Fantail Goldie, 9 White Cloud Mt. Minnows {3 regular & 6 gold}, Olive Nerite & Malaysian Trumpet Snails.

2 Echonodorus Bleheri, 1 Amazon Sword, 1 Red Rubin Sword, Various Anubias species, Broad Leaved Ludwigia.

2 watts/US gallon, fluorescent 6700K, 11hrs. a day.

Moonlighting is LED from above, underwater... Strip contains 6 blue elements and is on 3.5hrs. at night.

Various amts. of indirect sunlight hit this tank as well. Intensity and longevity vary with the seasons, etc.

External mechanical with some biological @ 350 GPH.
Internal biological @ 200 GPH.
Live plants!
Lava Rocks.

Fluorite with river rock over the top. Also various natural lava & rainbow rocks throughout aquarium.

Tank Temp.:
72˙F minimum in winter - 80˙F max. in summer . Heater is installed.

Aquarium Dimensions & Stuff:
Custom built bullet proof, tempered glass. 3'W x 3'D x 5'T. Glass covered.