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    Oct 2011
    Alberta, Canada

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    Hey all! I have had my new aquarium for about a month now. My name is Brad btw I'm new here.


    I have 10 Danios (which im using to cycle) they have been doing very well. Im getting close to the point where I can add more fish. I also have 3 Dwarf Gouramis and they are also doing well. I have had a few ammonia spikes but they are beginning to be fewer and farther between.

    I was just looking for another species that I could add. I want something that will get along with the other fish and is fairly hardy. If you have had any fish that are just awesome and would buy again if you had to what would they be?

    I appreciate any feedback and advice. I thank you and its great to be on here!

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    Nov 2012
    Rochester, N.Y.

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    Fancy guppies have always been my favorite by far unless you want to start breeding them I suggest you only get males (they are the ones with all the color anyway)

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    Nov 2012

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    I am a fairly new aquarium owner and can let you know what I have been successful with so far. I have a 46gal Bowfront. It is currently stocked with 8 Serpae Tetra, 4 Peppered Cories, 2 female Dalmation Mollies, 1 Male Dwarf Gourami, 1 Male Flame Gourami and 1 Bristlenose Pleco.

    So far this is a peaceful mix that is active at all levels of the tank. The Gourami do tend to battle occasionally, but no harm has been done so far. The Serpae Tetra are know fin nippers, but so far they have kept most nips among themselves...which is normal. The Pleco is pretty awesome looking and mine is quite active. The Peppered Cory are fun to look at.

    Hope this helps,


    ** Just realized that this is an old post

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    I like Blackskirt Tetras and believe they are compatible with your Danio's, also a hardy fish too. Best kept with 6 or more.
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    Aug 2012
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    A school of blood fin or rummynose tetras would be cool
    55g planted. black skirt tetras. Neon tetras. Emerald Cory cat. Glow light tetras. 1kribensis cichlid, b. Rainbow fish. Rhino pleco. Pearl gourami. Dwarf platys

    29g planted. 1firemouth cichlid. Gold barbs. Scissortail rasboras.

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    Jan 2012
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    You BOTH need to rehome all of your Gourami except one. Gourami are highly territorial and sooner or later the dominant one will decide to no longer tolerate the others and kill them.

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    Aug 2012
    Gods Country, Eastern High Sierras, California

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    Did I miss what size tank you had somewhere?
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