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Thread: Star Turtles

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    Default Star Turtles

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    hi, can any one suggest a good site or post to know all abt Star turtles and how to take care as a pet.

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    Star turtle?
    Do you mean an Indian Star Tortoise?

    *** I pm'd you.***
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    Did you read this part of the article you linked?

    Raising these animals in captivity is extremely difficult and should be left to those with advanced tortoise experience. They are very finicky eaters and gain weight extremely slowly. Hatchlings would rather sleep than eat and most succumb in the first months of life. A typical hatchling in the United States costs about $500 from a reputable dealer and you should be prepared to lose this investment if you do not have significant experience with tortoises. It is best to have a close relationship with a veterinarian who has experience with tortoise care.
    so... do you have "advanced tortoise experience"?
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    not really, but one of my friend got this from the market and want to know more on this. and the store keeper says its easy to keep of not he is feeding only veg

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    I know this thread is somewhat old, but I just wanted to add a few thoughts being a tortoise keeper myself.

    Hatchling tortoises in general have I fairly high failure rate in captivity. This failure rate does of course go down with the more experience the keeper has. I would suggest purchasing one that is at least a year old and showing signs of healthy growth.
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