I've got a large 4x65w CF light that I used to use on my 110g tall.

I sold the 110g tall a long time ago and put the light on my 30g planted cherry shrimp tank but only have 2 of the lights turned on and for only 7 hours a day.

I'm getting some algae issues obviously as 130w/30g=4.33w/g which is considered high. a tiny amount of Black brush, some green spot on the glass, some green hair, brown/blackish film on leaves.....all in all not the best looking.

I have no fish, don't do any ferts, no c02 and have no time or will to get back into all that.... I also don't really want to spend the money on a new light more suited for my tank so.....

I was thinking maybe there's a high light floating plant that might help shade out some of the excess light?