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    Default I might have a problem...

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    Baby snail! I have no idea where it came from, i bought one live plant on September 19, and found what looked like a very long trumpet snail shell under it a week later. It was empty, i threw it out and continued on. Other than that, i found nothing.

    Well now i found what looks like a red ramshorn snail, i only saw one little tiny opaque baby thing, and i quickly plucked it off glass and threw in my main tank (yum, escargo). Im very confused now, because like i said, i bought the moss 22 days ago. Is that even possible to have a baby snail now? And does that mean i have others lurking in there somewhere?

    Sorry, no pictures, like i said, i panicked and already fed the mysterious visitor to my fish. They like visitors.

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    Could have easily been eggs on the plants. Pest snails are not the end of the world. Feed lightly and they will not get out of hand. They do clean up leftovers and do eat some algae.

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    Wow, snail eggs take longest out of all fish eggs ive had to hatch. :) Okay so as long as no overfeeding they wont go crazy with population? Good, thanks. I read all these stories of people who have to get assassin snails and have 100s of pest snails all because of one tiny plant. I can deal with one or two. Not hundreds tho...

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    And if they do, pick up a couple assassins. Honestly, if someone had told me a year ago that the day would come I wouldn't be able to find a snail in my tank, I'd have not believed them. I don't know how 5 little assassins managed to eat 5,000 pond snails but I haven't got even one! And if the assassins have increased in numbers themselves, it can't be more than maybe 4 or 5 in all that time.

    They are the best present I ever got from Lab_rat! Also the only present I ever got from her and maybe that's why they're the best? LOL

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    You know what Hobbs, i just realized that the nerites and apples would be in the main tank by the time it would get bad if it was going to anyway, so there goes my worries about them being attacked by the assassins! :) Shrimps are fine right? I figure if they cant get away from a snail theres a prety big problem there and they should be eaten anyway. Are baby shrimp fast enough to stay away too? Never had babies.

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    Snails pay no attention to shrimp and shrimp jump away anyway. I had thought of apple snails myself but because I have the assassins, I won't.

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    Okay thanks. That makes it easy then, if i have major problems from this one (now gone) baby snails possible hiding siblings, i shall put the lid on Orlando's (my burnt snail) little QT thing and make sure all other wanted snails are out of shrimp tank before rushing to the LFS to kill them all with help of assassins. Any stragglers that get in main tank from other snails should be fine, thanks to loaches and goldfish. What do assassins eat when there are no pests? Algae?

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    I have no idea! I guess whatever they can find but because they like meat, I throw in blood worms.

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    okay. Thanks.

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