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Thread: Burns?

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    Default Burns?

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    Four days ago i noticed both of my nerite snails eating off of my heater. These two are known for doing dumb things. I warned them (though of course they didnt listen, being snails) not to stay on long, then i left for work. Next day they were still there, in what looked like the same exact place. I thought maybe they both just randomly died, but when i went to move them they slammed their doors, so i knew they were alive.

    However, today one of them was on the glass. The bottom of the body is all shriveled up and wrinkly looking, and half the size of normal size. I checked the other one and they both look like that, almost like they dried up. Are they burned from their 24hrs of heater? They both move, just extremely slow, and they eat too, so i guess they are fine otherwise. But i feel so bad for them. What can i do to help them heal if it is a burn and if not what is it? I can get a pic when they are done eating their wafer and climb back on the glass if that would help.

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    My salt water snails are on my heater all the time, and its a 150watt heater, I have never seen any problems with them. Also my snails do not always have their "feet"(sounds weird when referring to more than one snail lol) fully extended, especially if they are sleeping. Sometimes they are about half as big as normal for a little while and then they go back to moving along the glass doing their thing.
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    O ok. Whew. I was thinking they were horribly burnt, because ive never seen them wrinkly looking. So they are just sleepy then. Good. :) Thanks.

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    That's why the french invented escargot :)
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    You may need to watch them just in case, my snails could be a bit different I'm not sure.
    My 14 Gallon Reef
    Fish are Friends, not Food

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    Okay. Ill make sure they stay off that heater and see if they look better tomorrow, if not, ill assume they are burnt, and put them in the last remaining QT tank and hope they can survive in tiny 1 gal until better. They are hapily eating, so i think they should recover well if they are burnt. If they are better tomorrow, that proves they are just sleepy, and that ends that. :)

    Oooo. I just looked closer and examined the one that wasnt on glass before. The backs of their feet look dead and falling off, thats why they look shriveled. The one can just barely get up on the glass but cant climb because he doesnt have enough surface area on his foot. The other can barely move at all, because he has almost no live foot left and its actually ripping off in nasty dead-looking shreds. I have to literally put that one down right on top of the food for him to eat, because he cant move much. Poor guys. Will snails grow feet back like fish regrow fins, or they damaged beyond repair?

    One died, one left. I ripped the dead tissue off of this one a few days ago, and i dump some melafix in tank everyday. Seems to be working. Still cant tell if hes regrowing his foot. He seems scared, barely comes out of shell. It seems he must be going around at night, because every morning i move him to the middle of the container, and the next morning hes always near an edge, so hes getting around somehow. Ive been giving him chunks of algae wafers every night an hour before bed and turning out lights until the hour's up so that i can remove leftovers. Any ideas to speed up his recovery?

    The remaining snail is much more active today. He cant climb over anything and so still must be kept on a bare bottom aquarium, but he has figured out how to get around! The flat part of his foot was completely burned off, as said above, so all he has is a stub and his head. Hes learning to use the stub and actually "walk" with it. More of a hop, but it gets him around. Interesting how they can adapt. Amazing really.
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