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    Default Request: Pics of aquatic turtle setups

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    My wife and I have been thinking about getting a 30G long tank for my son's room and making it into a turtle setup. It's been a while since I've had turtles so I'm looking for pics of setups to get some ideas about placement and organization. Please toss up photos if you have them! Thanks!
    75G Planted Blue Themed Community Tank:
    Neon Tetras, Blue Platties, Blue Guppies, Blue Snails, & a pleco
    with 4 hang off breeder tanks for Blue/Red Platty Project

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    Default My 55gal Map Turtle/cheap fish Setup

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    I have a yearling Southern Black-Knobbed & two 6MO Mississippi Map Turtles in a 55 gal tankfilled 9in short of the top with water. I have a roughly 5X15 self adjusting floating turtle platform suction cupped to the back left part of the tank. I have a black metal mesh screen top with a dual bulb ceramic socket light fixture pointed over the basking platform. I have a 100 watt powersun UVB in one socket and a 100 watt ceramic heat emitter in the other socket. I have a submersible heater (100 or 150 watt I believe) also suction cupped to the back wall, bottom right & hidden by a suction cupped silk plant, creating a nice little turtle hiding area. I painted the outside bottom and back of the tank with stone textured spray paints in sveral different shades of browns and grays. I also have several pounds of polished river rocks scattered across the bottom, which i purchased from Petsmart. I'm running an eheim classic cannister filter to keep it clean. It's rated for about 60 or 70 gallon tank I believe. I also have a single bulb 18in strip light for general light. I'm planning on upgrading the bulb to a 10.0 UVB one for added UVB light. I feed the turtles in separate plastic beta bowls with removable divider. I feed them grasshoppers caught from my yard, nightcrawlers and redworms from the WalMart fishing section, feeder guppies from the local pet store, and 2 or 3 types of turtle pellets.
    I also have 1 rubber-lipped pleco to help control the algae, one 2in crayfish to perform clean-up, several ghost shrimp for clean-up/chaseable food, 1 small freshwater mussel to filter fine wastes from the water, 1 dalmation molly, 2 fancy guppies, & 2 platies. About to experiment with dwarf gourami. Also going to feed the guppies to the turtles and add more platies in the hopes fo breeding them for food for the turtles.
    At work now, but will try to take some pictures and post them in the near future. This set-up works good for me and stays clean for a long time. No illnesses or anything like that either.

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    Default Other thoughts

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    I would only put male (the female Map turtles get too big) map turtles or maybe some type of mud or musk turtle in a tank that size. The map turtles are hard to sex when hatchlings, but some breeders purposely incubate their egggs at certain temperatures to pretty much insure that all males hatch. One such company is This is where I got both of my Mississippi Maps from. I highly recommend them. You won't need to worry about sexing them if you go with mud or musk turtles. I happen to think the Map turtles are way cooler looking and more active in the tank. They're also better swimmers, allowing you to put more water in the tank which will dilute their wastes and give you more water real estate to add a few cheap platies for some color and stimulus for the turtles.

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    Oct 2011

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    This is not a 30gal setup... but it is my current enclosure for my turtles

    The above was taken with my cell phone so looks really grainy i have an older picture of the setup from my camera but as you can see the rocks have changed

    In the first picture you can see dorris our large Res sitting in the basking spot.

    Here is a close up of dorris and mable basking (note again from my cell)

    As for tank setups, building some form of tank topper is a good idea as it gives them more space.

    Housed in this setup
    3x res (1 female 2 male) Dorris, norm, pettie
    1x wester painted (female) samantha
    1x ouchita map (female) mable

    we also have 2x other res that dont play well with other so are in there own enclosures but they are in my wifes class room and i dont have any pics.
    Last edited by Bryan M; 10-19-2011 at 08:24 PM.

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