Little bit of an update, I'm actually a little relieved, my cycle isn't completely finished yet, there is still less than .3ppm nitrite in the tank and the ammonia is all gone, it looks like it will be finished this week. When it finishes I'm gonna get a few snails and some hermits, that I may actually have to feed lol. For CUC I will probably get 3 snails, 1 astrea or tronchus, and two cerith. Actually I may get some small nassarius as well since I am going to have 3 little carnivorous gobies . And 2 or 3 hermits, I dont think that is over doing it a few algae grazers for the glass and sand and a few meat eaters for leftovers. If anyone thinks thats too much CUC for a small tank let me know, I am open to new ideas =). After the CUC is in the tank for a few weeks Ill think about adding my first fish, either a clown goby or the firefish first, I havn't completely decided yet.