Ok so I have decided that I am definitely going to start up reef at school. I think biocube is my best option for the tank. I really like how it basically comes with everything. I will also be adding a small heater, probably around 50watts, and a small powerhead, either koralia, or the new aqueon ones specifically for the biocube. I think I am going to go with about 20 pounds of rock, and 20 pounds of sand. That seems like a lot of sand so I might not use all of the second bag, I just want enough sand for a pistol shrimp and goby to be able to make their home.

Stocking Plans

Randall Goby
Firefish Goby

I absolutely love Randall gobies, they are such awesome looking little fish.

Randall Pistol Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp(either a skunk or a fire shrimp)
A feather Duster or two
A few snails(probably an astrea or two, a nassarius or two and maybe a cerith or two)
And a few hermits

Many Zoa's
Green Star Polyp
Daisy Polyp
Possibly some PomPom pulsing Xenia, depending on how it grows in my reef at home
Maybe down the road some LPS like a small open brain, or candy cane

Once this tank is up and running I may try my hand at fragging so I can get my first few corals for free from my tank at home

I think that is pretty much everything I wanted to cover in my first post. My one main question is what people suggest the koralia nano powerhead or the aqueon one. I have a 750gph Koralia and a 500gph aqueon and my 58g and it just seems to me like the koralia puts out a wider current than the aqueon.

Also another question, does anyone have any experience with getliverock.com I really like their prices at $3 a pound including shipping you really can't get any better. But I can't find any reviews of them online anywhere so I figured I'd ask =)