I have 2 baby oscars and 2 baby bgk fish in my tank. No worries they are in a big enough tank where they'll be happy as adults with lots of hiding places and get along fine.
I feed them bloodworms twice a day and just break off a piece and defrost it. There is always some leftover on the bottom that is gone by the next time I feed them. I heard that overfeeding is worse than underfeeding so I just want to make sure i'm not doing that. Also, should I be feeding my oscars something else as well?
I had taken in an oscar from a petsmart that had and survived a fin disease so they couldn't sell him, he was about 9 inches and 5 years old when I got him and lived for 5 more years, and I only fed him the hikari pellets, but i'm not using those this time because they make the water so dirty so quickly and that's bad for the bgk.