A cougar!!!! Wow! Be very careful at night since those things have, rarely, attack people (and have killed a number of people over the years.) While such attacks are very rare, they are ultra-deadly. If you have children, you should be hyper careful - maybe a fence (not that they can't jump it but it would tend to keep them away from walking around your house and thinking it as their territory.) I think some powerful fire crackers would be a good thing to keep on hand if you donít like guns.

I too have raccoons and have had to kill a few rabid ones over the years - one such sick animal attacked (repeatly) my car and refused to leave - I had to drive away and come back for it. The sick ones are not safe but will come out in the day and refuse to run away - that is a giveaway that the animal is very sick and dangerous - night patrols are normal (I ignore those animals but will test them at times to be sure they are not getting ill) and they should always run away if you make noise.

A friend of mine would trap them (humanely) and release them far away where no people lived.

Good luck.