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Thread: Coverground

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    Default Coverground

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    Couple questions about Java moss. I Have a 10 gallon tank currently 3 wisteria and an anacharis plant. I would like something to kind of take over in my tank so fih have something to play in and my sea floor gets a kind of carpet would java moss be good for that???? i want it to suck up nitrates so less water changes can be made. Any help with plants would be greatly appreciated.

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    There are loads of plants which can make a good ground cover, really your lighting determines what will work. You can do moss attached to flat stones or pieces of stainless mesh. However having a well planted tank is no excuse to skimp on water changes.
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    O i know i just thought it would be nice to be able to eat nitrates. If i attach a small amount of java or christmas moss to a log will it spread over the whole thing

    I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 t8 15watt flourescent bulb full spectrum from aqueon.

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    In due time you can train the moss to attach to the entire log. That is adequate light for moss, you can also add some Crypts, Anubias and Fern to get the look your after. Crypt. parva is another good low growing plant.
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    I find Micro swords are pretty low demanding carpeting plant that you can try they multiply like crazy in my 5 gallon betta tank via runners.

    By the way although plants will take up nitrates they much prefer ammonia over nitrates so if there is ammonia present they will choose to take up that first. Again like the above post its still a must to do water changes as not only it allows you to keep your water in shape it also allows some of the minerals to go into the water column for your plants to take up.

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    Where is a good online place to buy these. Not crazy about java fern I do like the microsword and anubias. The sword you just plant the roots in substrate I'm assuming
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    Microsword does best in high light and CO2, would choose something else personally. is a good reference for plants.
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    What would you suggest

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