After 33 years of living alone, I thought I would post my personal ad here.

I am 68 years old, 5'2" and 121' pounds of rompin'-stompin' romance.

I only cough and hack up phelm for about 3 hours each morning but after that, I'm in good shape other than my normal hobbling from room to room.

Other than my eyebrows growing together, hair growing out my nose and a few thousand "age spots" I am still a hottie. I got a new permanent yesterday and can't get a comb threw my hair but perhaps by next month I might be able to comb my hair. The tape I put on my glasses to hold them together 1 1/2 years ago is holding up well and I always wear my teeth.

Altho I have toenail fungus, I am still able to dance a bit but be very careful to not step on my right foot as I have an ingrown nail there. Sometimes I can follow by hoping on my left foot.

My favorite TV shows is Lawrence Welk, Ed The Talking Horse and Lassie. I am a non-drinker but smoke as fast as I can.

You must have a lot of clothes because I don't do laundry until it's stacked 8' high. I also don't run the carpet sweeper or dust anything except my TV screen and computer. I do keep my kitchen and bathroom clean (kinda) and will cook when forced to just before starvation kicks in.

My car is 16 years old and I have $58 in my check book so you can see I have much to offer.

If anyone is interested in a "real find" my picture is posted below. I expect you not to fight over me and to try to contain yourself. This could be a real committment for life but at my age, that may only be a week.