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Thread: O B Peacock

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    Default O B Peacock

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    Ok first off let me apologise if i have posted this in the wrong section. Still learning about cichlids.

    I have a OB Peacock and am curios as to why it is always at the top of the tank hanging around the water heater. We have a few lge pipes as caves, am in the process of remodelling to make more. wold it be that the water is not quite warm enough its sitting on about 26 C = 78.8 F or just that there isnt enough caves? it doesnt appear to be sick and i believe is eating alright. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    What else is in the tank with it?

    What are your water parameters?

    He may just not like the caves, or they've been claimed by some other fish.
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    its a 60litre. ph is about 7.8, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are at 0
    At the moment we have the OB Peacock, an electric yellow, a red jewel, a pictus cat fish, red rainbow fish, and 2 others that i dont know the name of. i believe they are both kinds of peacocks. we also have 2 golden suckers, 2 algae eaters and 2 other eaters but once again unsure of what they are.
    i have 4 pvc pipes in there at the moment, am looking at making some new caves soon. i know one of the peacocks has taken a liking to one of them and so has the catfish but that still leaves 2 empty.

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    All those in a 60 litre? I think that's the equivalent of about 15 gallons and that means you have WAYYYYY to many fish in there.

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    WaMiss is correct. Not only is the tank massively overstocked, but you've also got a wide mix of fish with a variety of temperaments and requirements. You're going to have severe aggression and water quality problems, which will lead to injuries, illness, and death.
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    oh no oopps i have just realised that i have been calling my 80litre tank a 60 litre. let me apologise for that. it is an 80 litre (21 gallon) tank not a 60litre. oh man i feel stupid right there lol.
    at the moment they are all getting along really well with each other, would this likely change as they get older? ones like the red rainbow has upped its size since we got it.

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    Yeah, sorry - a 20gal tank is still too small for all the fish you listed. You might want to plan upgrading your tank now before you have problems, or rethink the species of fish you are keeping. Which ones are your favourites?

    That's likely whats going on with your OB - its simply being chased away from the bottom of the tank possibly by the other peacock. The aggression will slowly get worse as the fish mature.

    Plus, the fish that ordinarily can be almost the length of your tank, will end up stunted. I have an "algae eater" that is likely similar to yours. I've had it for 3 months in a 4 foot long tank, and its already almost doubled its size.
    20gal long planted community

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    upgrading on this particular tank is not possible at the moment. too overstocked!!! my tank looks empty to me!!! i dont know if i really have a favourite as they are all so nice looking. i have a pic of my 2 favs in another part of the forum under please help name me as i am unsure of what they are. i have a feeling that the 2 unknown algae eaters are the chinese kind and know that they will get quite big as well as the pictus catfish.

    just out of curiosity, would the catfish and the chinese algea eaters do well in a community tank with guppies, mollies etc? i have access to rehome them in a 5ft tank.

    if i take out the catfish and the 2 chinese eaters would that make the tank more adequate or am i still overstocked?

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    If I am understanding your stock list.....yes in my opinion, you would still be overstocked.

    OB Peacock grow up to 6"
    Electric Yellows grow up to 4"
    Red Jewels grow up to 4"
    Rainbow fish.....not sure of their size, but I think they are a schooling fish so having 1 would not be a good idea
    (identified in your other have a Red Peacock and an Auratus too)
    Red Peacock grow up to 6"
    Auratus grow up to 4"

    That's 24" of fish plus how ever big the Rainbow get.
    I don't know about compatibilty.
    I'm sure someone else that knows more will chime in!

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    All of those cichlids need much larger living quarters than a 20g. The fish may get along ok as juvies but as they mature they will get aggressive and likely tear each other apart. Peacocks don't mix well with most mbuna.
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