Sorry hungy, when I posted my last post I did not want to refere to your previous post, I hate singling posts out to reply to, as I try not to pffend anyone.
But, here is how I see it. Bare in mind, I am looking through a 2 way mirror here, I have nothing to do with the comps, yet see the other workload hobbs is under.

OK, picture nomination thread?

Here is a pic of my heaverly planted 90G tankl.

Here is a pic of my 5G tank with one betta

Here is a pic of my 55G tank, the angel you see is since passed away

Oh I wish I could do better, but here is a pic of my 75G

Sorry mate, but taking the comments way, along with a lot of other things, makes a difference, honestly, I would rather look at a pic of a tank, that I do not even know who owns.
If you look back through this thread, Robbie had a debate with hobbs about my own tank in the last comp, I kept out of it because it was a conflict involving myself, but bottom line, my tank was not up to scratch.

Look at the big picture please, yes a lot of work putting them in photobucket, but without comments on size, real or fake surroundings, etc, it must make i fairer?, it does to me