A couple of weeks ago I ordered 6 corkscrew vals from a seller online. When I got them, the leaves were pretty broken, and not overly healthy looking. I removed the dead material, planted them, and waited to see what would happen.

So now, a couple of weeks have passed. Most of the leaf matter on the vals has completely melted off. The roots seem to be establishing well though, and they all have a tiny bit of new regrowth.

Will they come back? I've removed the remaining dead material. I'm encouraged by the fact that there is some new green growth, but they really are the 12+ inch plants that I ordered. :( The remaining green growth is only about 4 inches tall on the larger of the plants.

The tank is currently fishless, so I've been dosing 2 teaspoons of flourish twice a week. My other plants are thriving, but the vals are pretty sad looking.

Are they a loss? Should I give them root tabs? Any suggestions?