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  1. Default 1st attempt at diy underwater waterfall(sand fountain).

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    First off I will apologise I didnt take any pics during the build. I have been real busy with work and been working on this project with every bit of spare time I have (mostly at night). What I did first was make a housing to carry the sand up for the waterfall. I did this using 2" pvc a t at the bottom with a tube going up with a 90 on top. The t on the bottom had the holes going from front to back. Then I started expirmenting with the air carrying the sand up the tube (the sand im using is regular aquarium sand from my local pet store finer sand would probly work better but I wanted blue sand). I found that smaller bubbles seemed to carry the sand better so what I did was take some hard air line and melted it in the shape of a j. Then I used hot glue and sealed the end. Then I hot glued it as close to the bottom of the t as I could right under the pipe going up. It seemed to work quite well, but I didnt like the air bubbles comming out the same spot as the sand. So I drilled 2 holes in the 90 right before the outlet large enough to fit some 3/8 tubing that I had. Then I hot glued the tubing just to the top of the 90 making sure to keep the opening at the top. After that was done I could get the bubbles to go out the tube instead of out the opening for the sand ( I had to cover up the top half of the exit hole or the bubbles would still come out of the exit hole). So now that my tubing was built and working its time to build the waterfall. What I used was 1" thick styrofoam i had laying around. I didnt want to have to glue my waterfall to my tank so I went about it in a different way then everyone else. Instead of cutting the foam, glueing them together then coating them with concrete. I made a reverse mold out of the foam glued it together making sure to sylicone every seam as I added layers. Then I cut the back of the t off of my pipe and stuck a thin peice in the hole and hot glued it in then I took a clear peace of tubing and made it angle down at the exit tube (to prevent the bubbles from excaping). I put a peice of pvc in the front of the t (loosly so it could be removed later). Then I fit my tube in the mold and cut the foam at the entrance and exit slide both tubes through. Siliconed the tubes to the mold. Then I decided to take the 2 tubes I put in to divert the air into one larger tube I used a thin peice of foam to fill the gap then hot glued them in. Yesterday I filled the mold with concrete (had a slight miscalcuation of concrete). Poured first half with floor patcher that I got from home depot. Didnt have enough so I went and got some quick crete from lowes when I got back first half was hard (verry fast drying lol). Filled the second half with quick crete. Later on after about 3 or 4 hours I pulled the form off and pulled the tube out of the t. Let it cure some more over night. Today I took some of the quick crete I bought and used a screen from a old window and sifted all the rocks out of it. The I took 2 small buckets poured 2 different colors one into each bucket (bags of color 1lb from home depot I used buff and charcoal). Them mixed up some colored concrete with just the portland (fine cement) that I sifted out. Then I used a foam brush and brushed all the concrete turning it one color I did buff first. The I used the charcoal color to accent in some darker areas. More to come have to do another test to see if it works after its all 4g one then I will soak it and rinse daily in water for at least a week before I put it in my tank. Sorry for such a long post but I wanted to explain my project the best I could (would of been easier if I had pics).

  2. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    If I could figure out how to post a pic I would put some pics up of the finished product.

  3. #3


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    post them on a website and enter here the IMG codes. Try to keep the photos in the 800x pixel range.

  4. Default

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    Couldnt resize pic (im on my cell) but here is some links to pics of mostly finished product.

  5. Default

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    Hopefully I will get home in time to do a final test and start soaking/ rinsing in water.

  6. #6


    0 Not allowed!
    Please dude.... use the enter key!!!!

    I got about 3 lines into your first post and my eyes died!!!!
    Used to try and keep track of my fish here.....

    Ran out of room and time!!!

    Instead I'll tell you the best piece of fishkeeping equipment ever....... Algae Scrubber :)

  7. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Lol sorry about that. It was late on my cell, and im not a good writer.

  8. Default

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    when I get time I will draw a diagram and post it.

  9. Default

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    A quick diagram of the pipe to make the waterfall.

  10. Default

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    I tested the waterfall last night, and it worked quite well. Now I am soaking/ rinsing until the water that the waterfall tests safe for the tank. After I get it setup in the tank I will post a video.

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