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    @Philip, great to hear! Let me know what other improvements you would like to see, either here or via the "suggestions" section in the app.

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    More people need to see this!
    Maybe a design software? Drag and drop aquarium sizes, vals, elodea, driftwood, caves etc?
    That will keep you very busy. Good luck!!!

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    Thanks Philip!

    Yes I'll definitely consider adding design components in at a later date... however there are some relatively good options available to do this already so it's not imminent.

    I'd right now like to help people by providing a resource where they can quickly find information about the tanks other aquarists have. There are lots of great resources (this forum of course in particular), but nothing in a simple index.

    My view is you should be able to quickly get a selection of results from any question to help decide how to set up your aquariums.
    Eg answer the following questions:
    * "what types of tankmates are people keeping with hyphessobrycon bentosi's in a 50 to 70 gal tank?"
    * "what size tanks are the most common if I want to keep a plec, given they grow so large?"
    * "what is the most popular external filter for a 50 gal aquarium?"
    * "I think I'm doing an OK job in keeping the water quality stable in my aquarium - how does my performance compare with other aquarists?"

    ..and so on.

    Considering the best discussions tend to happen on well established forums, is intended to make it easier for people to reference their own experience by simply pointing to their aquarium, or do research on others - then continue the conversation back on the forum of their choice.
    Last edited by alexinoz; 03-12-2012 at 11:29 AM.

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    Such as?
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
    Join the 10+ club


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    Omg thank you so much for this program, its so helpful!! I am just starting up a new tank (my first in about 4 years! woo!) and I am finding it so helpful to record my tests on here instead of just scribbled in my little notebook on the tank stand, haha.

    Looking forward to seeing further developments and I will definitely keep using it! :D

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    @danifins - glad to help!

    @philip - sorry I didn't compute with your last message, can you elaborate a bit more?


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    Such as can you give an example?
    It don't matter, times change :D
    Love it.
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
    Join the 10+ club


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    A brief (and very exciting) update, I've purchased a domain name for the application and can confidently say it's been a huge success so far!

    You can find it here.

    Please spread the word!

    I've made a lot of improvements to it in the last 2 months and I'm so pleased with so many people regularly using it now, it inspires me to keep going :)

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    i'm trying to use it but having a hard time making a new tank can you please explain to me how?
    artist page:
    lot's of fish and aquatic themed art to be found. plus anime.

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    I'm not inclined to handle my google or facebook account to an unknown site.Is there a reason why you do not allow direct accounts?
    3 potted plants and 6 strings of plastic do not make a planted tank!

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