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    I bet it would help alexinoz if some people could post their excel spreadsheets so he can see what data people usually collect.

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    Hi everyone,

    Finally - got it finished!

    You can track information about:
    * your expenses
    * your tanks
    * your water tests against each tank

    No software to download as it is web based... which also means you can load it up on your iPhone, iPad etc when visiting your LFS.

    Your feedback is welcomed!

    You'll need either a facebook or twitter login to access, I for one don't like trying to remember my username/passwords for various sites so trust this is a more convenient way for others to log in as well.


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    @hypOr - yes that would be great. I'm particularly keen to see what types of data people collect, and how they classify it.

    That way I can improve the web app to ensure it suits the needs of others, not just myself.

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    Default suggestion

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    alexinoz, is there some way you could get it so you could log in with your email? I don't have a facebook or twitter.
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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    @MLBfan, thanks for asking.

    I've added support for gmail and yahoo mail today, hopefully you have an email account with one of these companies...?

    It's easier for me (and securer for users) to not store passwords, hence why I don't ask users to create an account. Instead I'm using a technology known as OAuth to do all this for me - by having big tech companies with lots of users manage all aspects of authentication to this app (eg facebook, twitter, google and yahoo).

    A side benefit of this means you don't need to remember your password to gain access to the application. Just sign in with (eg) your gmail account and you're off and running.

    I'll try get AOL working soon as well - for users with an email address.

    If there are lots more requests for username/password access I'll certainly take a look. :)

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    Thanks, the site seems good so far.
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

  7. Default

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    I stumbled across this one for $50, but know nothing about it:
    125g Planted Community - Rena XP-4, Rena XP3
    Angels, Dora Cory Cats, Glass Cat Fish, Gouramis, Scissor Tails, High Fin Black Skirt Tetras, Snails
    30g Working Tank as needed
    20g Planted Community - AC-70 Harlequin Rasboras, Neon Tetras, Dwarf African Frogs, Bamboo Shrimp, Snails
    1g 1 Siamese Fighting Fish, Snails
    Aquarium Resources Angel Fish Breeding Modifying Water Chemistry Pest Snail Control

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    thanks @Dacotah. Yes there are certainly a few around, and a quick glance of their web site suggests this looks quite good.

    For those who prefer free, access via mobile, no software to install or back up: I trust my alternative will suit their requirements. :)

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    [quote=Dacotah7]I stumbled across this one for $50, but know nothing about it:[/guote]

    Quote Originally Posted by Dacotah7
    Not at all helpful.

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    Mar 2012
    Central California

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    Thank you SO much alex! This will help keep track of whats up with my theoretical tank :D
    Im putting journal link and that link in my sig!

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