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    Feb 2011

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    Cool yellow tailed violet cichlid

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    hi there sorry if this is in the wrong area i have a chiclid set up with 2 yellow morphs 2 convicts a kennyi mbuna and a blue zebra was sold 2 yellow tailed violets today only been in 5 mins and 1 is dead the other is hiding are they not compatable
    3 tanks a 200 ltr 4 head and tail lights,10 assorted platys, 3 black swordtails, tuxedo swordtail, mystus catfish a raphael catfish,pictus,sunset catfish 2 clown loaches 1 xclown plec,gibbicep,2 Congo tetras,2 albino algae eaters,1 panda corydoras,1 Pakistani loach,3 cory,s a peppered a albino sterbae and a agazzizi,1 skunk botia,2bumbble bee gobies and 2 silver angel 1 zebra angel,3 red banded rainbows,2 cockatoo dwarf chiclids,3 diamond tetras

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    The yellow-tailed violet one's are probably Pseudotropheus sp. acei. Everything you have should be compatible with each other, excluding the convicts (all the other cichlids are most likely Lake Malawi mbuna's). However, with mbuna's, stocking the tank must be planned because of the way they behave when new fish are added.

    Ideally, the most aggressive species should be added last. In your case you have some aggressive species already in the tank (the zebra and kenyi which are both members of the metriaclima genus, which are potentially aggressive fish).

    Also, new mbuna's should be added in groups of 4 or more at a time (ideally more). Less than four and the established mbuna's can easily single them out and potentially eliminate them.

    5 minutes is rapid. How did the one that died meet its demise? Aggression from the other fish or something else, such as the water? Did you witness? How large is the tank?
    African cichlid and saltwater aquariums

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