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  1. Default cichlid with special needs?

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    I bought 4 smallish African Cichlids 2 days ago. That night my daughter realized that one of them looked like it was missing it's eyes- thought she could see right into the fish! lol Upon closer inspection, it's eyes are red, albino-like. The fish itself is yellow, but it's head is pretty white. We bought 6 of these fish, the tank is fresh as our last fish died over a month ago and we started up a fresh clean tank. This particular fish stays in one corner- not the actual corner, but that space in the tank. It's a corner on the bottom, but the space he stays in is approximately a 6" X 4" space and he's not just sitting on the bottom. It's not floating so I know it's not dying- which was my daughter's fear. When I feed the fish, the others turn into little piranhas getting the food, but this one just seems like it has no clue or if it does, it doesn't know where to go to get the food. :( I also noticed that it has one bum fin, like Nemo. So, I'm thinking this fish is blind and only has one good fin. poor little guy! :( The good thing is that the tank is large and the others don't bother him. I even sat at night with most lights off to see if they attack at night, and they don't. He has no scars or nicks on him at all.
    Both of my kids have special needs so he fits in nicely with my family. However, does his limited movement and/or possibly blindness mean he won't live long? I"m not sure exactly what to do. He seems to have acclimated well to the new environment and seems to feel safe in his little spot. I've even seen him chase other fish out when they get too close to his domain. Is there anything special I should do with or for it?

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    How big is your tank? Do you know what kind of african cichlids you got? What all do you have in the tank? First you mention having 4 cichlids but then you say you bought 6 fish, so I'm confused.

    Most african cichlids range from territorial to extremely territorial. It sounds to me like the fish has lost all territorial claim and is being prevented from moving or allowed to eat. This may be going on even if you don't actually observe it getting attacked. Cichlid tanks must be laid out and stocked deliberately and thoughtfully to prevent this from happening.

    I don't keep cichlids myself, but that's my best guess.
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    oops! I bought 6 of them 2 days ago! lol sorry. The tank is 50 gallons, and they are all less than an inch long- different colors, 1 blue, 2 blue with black stripes, 2 dark yellow, and the 1 that's yellow with a white head. They haven't been in there long enough for that. When my son was going to name him I told him to name it Flo from Nemo- it looked like it was just watching its reflection! But it's been in that same spot since they were put in, and the tank they were in had a ton of them. It 'may' be a territorial thing, but the other fish don't seem to even pay it any attention, they all just swim all over, doesn't seem as if any of them have picked a special spot for themselves yet.
    I've had all kinds of cichlids before and this is the first I've seen like this. I don't want to send it back to the store. oh, they're the only fish in the tank, none have been in there for over a month and I did not want to buy others along with them, just a few small ones for the kids. And while it may be getting attacked at some point- I"ve checked it over and there are no marks at all... but I am worried that the others may figure out that it's not 100% and go after it. :/

  4. Default

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    I doubt the fish is blind. There are several variants and hybrids of this out there that are sold somewhat regular under the "African Cichlids" price tag.

    From here --

    If you spot feed the fish, does it eat? As it is the only one of its kind in your tank, it is possible its ... pouting/displeased/ignored/beat up on.

    To be honest, there's a part of me that really -loathes- the practice pet stores have of jumling together an asston of Africans of various species and selling them together with only the tag of "Assorted Africans". To successfully keep Africans that thrive, you really have to know what species they are.

    As for keeping it safe, giving it a chance, etc ... well ... many African cichlid species are about the least forgiving of the cichlid species.

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    yes, it'll eat if I feed the others first, then spot feed him. And you may be on to something with "pouting/displeased/ignored/beat up on"... as for it being blind- I honestly don't know... but I do know it's one fin isn't moving at all.

  6. Default

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    YES!!!!! that's him! ok, so not blind- whew! maybe just a temperamental fish? I'm going to do some reading up on it. thank you!!!

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    sorry, the 2nd pic is his twin. ;)

  8. Default

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    The albino peacocks aren't a species of their own really, but there are a fair number of hybrid strains that folks work with to get that look. Purists will snarl at the whole hybrid thing.

    Aulonocara is the species family ... aka Peacocks. So you can look up their care that way.

    As for the rest of the fish you have in there, being able to ID them will help in the overall care plans.

  9. Default

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    yeah, I"m looking the others up now. ;)

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