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  1. Default Molted skin from blue lobster

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    I just saw this morning that my blue lobster had molted. I pulled the old skin/shell out with a net, and am wondering what can be done with it. If I put it back in the water--it would make some interesting decor--would it be unhealthy for the fish? I don't suppose the fact that it isn't attached to a living body would make it rot....

  2. Default

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    put it back in there .. normally the shells should be left in there and the lobster will eat the shell.. its meant to be full of calcium and nutrients etc. that help the lobster stay healthy while its new shell hardens up because it is quite soft and delicate after a molt..

    im not 100% sure whether it would do the lobster any harm in removing its shell, but i have always let mine be and have never came across a half eaten rotted shell or anything.. i suppose give it a few days and if there is anything left of the shell then remove it??

  3. Default

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    Thanks. After removing it, I read that others had done precisely what you said--left it in there to be eaten. I put it back in, but its floating at the top. Next time he molts, I won't touch it.

  4. Default

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    My mantis always ate at least part of his/

  5. Default

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    Last night, the shell was still floating around the top of the aquarium. This morning, I looked and it was nowhere to be found--not even anywhere on the bottom, so I can only assume it filled with water to the point that it sank, and was entirely consumed by the lobster.

  6. Default

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    That can only be gd news then! Any pics of it?
    I remember the 1st time I saw mine molt and the shell, for some odd reason really freaked and thought it was gross. Odd i know. Lobsters rule.

    I used to defrost a frozen prawn, put a bit of fishin wire thru it and let it hang in the water. She went mad for it to the point of actually swingin on it tryin to pull it off.

  7. Default

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    No, no pics unfortunately. Only one arm was still floating around the top of the water, so I took that out. I'm quite sure he gobbled up the rest. I looked hard inside his favorite hangout (a nice aquarium rock that is leaning over, with two large passage holes through it) and I couldn't see any traces at all.

  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by HEADIN
    Lobsters rule.
    They sure do. I love this thing. Don't know how I got along with that aquarium without him. B/c it is a few feet away from our dinner table, he is always in our dinnertime conversation (as in, has he eaten any of the other fish lately? etc.).

    Quote Originally Posted by HEADIN
    I used to defrost a frozen prawn, put a bit of fishin wire thru it and let it hang in the water. She went mad for it to the point of actually swingin on it tryin to pull it off.
    I'll look for something like that to give him. The only luck I've had is with bloodworms (frozen krill just didn't get eaten up, tho that was before the lobster). On the other hand, bloodworms--the frozen cube--just float until the cube gets warm enough, they diffuse throughout the aquarium and the fish get to them first.

    I'd love something that would just sink, so the lobster could have first dibs on it. But I think I will look and see what else Petsmart has that is frozen.
    Last edited by prr; 08-25-2011 at 10:17 PM.

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