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  1. Default Interested in keeping Gar.

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    I have a 75gal tank. Its currently unstocked and Im looking to do a fresh water setup and gar were one of the fish I was considering. I'm reading many different suggestions on tank size. Is my tank too small? Look forward to getting opinions from people who know. Thanks in advance.

  2. Default

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    For most species of gar a 180 gallon is the minimal size tank.

  3. Default

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    75 will be ok for a while, it will eventually need a bigger tank. My friend has a gar in a 20 gallon, needless to say I freaked out on him....that poor fish is probably stunted by now :(

  4. #4


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    gar are very cool fish, but they will need a big footprint. 180g would be the smallest I would go.

  5. Default

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    How long do you think I would be able to keep one? Also what are other options of interesting fish I can keep without getting a bigger tank. I'm read up pretty well on salt water fish but the fresh water have just recently become interesting to me.

  6. Default

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    I would just stock the tank you have.
    What type of fish do you want? Like aggressive fish, maybe schooling fish, or cory's,you know what I mean? Like what are you looking for? A big aggressive fish or a nice community tank?
    120 gallon29 gallon
    5.5 and 2.5 gallon
    The harley not the motorcycle, harlequin rasboras
    Angie R.I.P. 10/29/11

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    Please do not buy fish with the intention someday you will have a larger tank. Make sure you have the tank first! So many times peoples best intentions do not work out and they end up with the wrong fish for their tank. Fish grow very fast and a year from now, you just might not have the funds needed to go huge.

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    I clicked over onto your old posts and in 2009 you were going to set up a saltwater tank. Is this the same tank? What happened to the saltwater? I see even back then you were trying to buy fish too large for the tank and Jenn was giving you lots of advice back then. So.....what have you been keeping in that tank all this time?

  9. Default

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    I see we have a detective. This is the same tank, it was never stocked. I recently bought my first home and choose not to set up the tank because I didnt want to move it once it was set up. I've settled in now so its time to do something. I made the choice to not do saltwater as it was starting to get too expensive and I've other hobbies. My intention is not to keep fish too large for my tank, thats why Im asking questions. My goal here to is to keep predatory/aggressive fish that will fit in the tank I have and not require a larger one anytime in the next few years.

    Also, I read this forum quite often even though I dont usually have anything to post. I understand many people keep fish in tanks not sutied for their size. Im not irresponsible in any part of my life and this is no different. I've no intention of mistreating these animals and I want to make that clear. Im just trying to gather knowledge from the people that know as clearly my LFS doesnt know much (lady told me I could keep gar in my tank no problem). Not a rant but Im not going to be judged or have people assume my intentions.

    So, that having been said back to the good stuff. I thank those of you that have begun to offer your opinons and look forward to helpful advace of fish Ill enjoy keeping. Thanks

  10. #10


    0 Not allowed!
    LOL No detective but I often read old posts as well to see what other problems they had in the past so I'm not repeating old advice they already heard.

    I also thought perhaps you still had the saltwater and had bought a new tank. I would sure be sitting on pins and needles to have a tank empty so long. I'd be good for about 3 days there. :)

    Have you ever thought of having a mbuna tank? A 75 is a good size for africans. Sorry my post sounded judgemental to you. Didn't mean for it to. Just do your research like you are before buying and you'll do great.

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