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  1. Unhappy black moor blood in eye =(

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    I recently moved my black moor goldfish indoors into a smaller tank because he was getting bullied by the koi fish in the 3ft tank I have. he also had a small amount of blood in his right eye but now the amount of blood has increased, should i put him back in to the 3ft tank?

    also what sort of medication should i give?


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    I would leave him in the smaller tank. I don't know how badly the bloody eye has affected his ability to see and it might be even more dangerous to put him back with the others. Also, make sure there is plenty of filtration in both tanks since Goldfish poop a lot.

    I hope he survives this.

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    Just keep him Isolated. I don't know much about treating such injuries. It may heal up on it's own.

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    well the blood in his eye has reduced a fair bit, ive been doing regular water changes in the small tank around 45% but yesterday and today his movement is decreasing and he also isnt eating, ive tried giving him tetra flakes, tetra gold, bloodworm and hikari but nothing all he does is put it in his mouth and spit it back out.

    i,ve been changing the water using aqua safe

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    Have you tried giving him greens? Peas, broccoli. etc.?

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    Also how often are you doing the water changes?
    20 gal- 2 fantail goldfish (1 baby and 1 6")

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    after posting on the 17th I decided to take a gamble and put him back into the 3ft tank which i made a 70% water change using aqua safe and cleaning the filters etc.

    at first he was very quiet and stayed in one corner and wanted to eat but couldn't keep the food in his mouth so i crushed some tetra flake and he ate it.

    i also then mixed some of the flakes in my hand with some of the tank water to make it gooey then rolled it into a pea size and hand fed it too him and he ate that too =]

    2 days forward his back too his normal self but still has some blood in his eye.

    someone told me that he may have hit something in the tank and a blood vessel bursted.

    so I took out all of the plants apart from 1 small silk one

    would this help:

    Quote Originally Posted by FishyGuy
    Have you tried giving him greens? Peas, broccoli. etc.?
    no never how does that work?
    give it to him raw?
    Quote Originally Posted by FishyGuy
    Also how often are you doing the water changes?
    when he was in the small tank 45% change daily

    in 3 foot tank gonna change 20% tomorrow

    also are Pro-V Decorative Waste Absorbing Crystals any good

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    Sounds like he's doing better. :)

    Read This: I have only feed my goldfish peas after I steam them until they are soft (15-20min). And my goldfish love them. Even the picky new guy But I have not tried any other vegetables.
    20 gal- 2 fantail goldfish (1 baby and 1 6")

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    well he was fine till today did a 35% water change using aqua safe, my dad then fed the fish i go out to check on the fish 2 mins later i see a cut at the back of my black moors eye and blood coming out. i didnt want to take him out in case the eye gets worst so i left him in the tank and sectioned him away from the other fish.

    what medicine should i get?
    i hope his gonna be ok his my favourite fish

    also i checked the water conditions with tetra 6 in 1 and everything seems fine

    i have him in a 3ft tank with 2 air stones, 1 heater and the filter is a fluval u3

    the fish are 2 large koi's which i think may have caused this
    4 baby koi's
    1 shubunkin

    my tank has no decorations so i can rule that out

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    Moors have very delicate eyes and really shouldn't be kept with the "normal" eyed fish. You may want to get yourself a 30 gallon and just move the moor over into it on it's own. It really can't compete with the other fish you have in terms of finding food fast and in speed of getting either food or out of the way of the other fish.
    Don't ask the question if you don't really want to know the answer
    Goldfish get HOW big?
    Cycling WITH Fish
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