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Thread: Phantoms

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    Default Phantoms

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    I currently have 4 Black Phantoms. I'm considering getting a few more as these guys are real cuties. I'd like to get more, will the new guys school with the more mature ones? I have one that is a little left out and hoped that he might find a friend amongst the newbies. I was thinking of getting about 3 or 5 more, what do you think? I have the room.
    Also, I had a quick look at a previous thread about Phantoms. In Australia the Red Phantoms are quite common and they look fantastic! I'm going to get some myself when my platy fry have matured and go off to their new homes.

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    What is your tank size, your stock, your filtration, and your waterchange schedule.
    Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can pay the rent.

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    I have a 40 gallon tank. Approx 20 fish Platys Mollies Swordtails plus 25 fry in a net. When the fry grow up I'm going to adopt out all of the fry and their parents which will leave me just about empty. I change about 1/3 water every 10 - 14 days.

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    It would be better to do as much every 7 or so days as well.
    Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can pay the rent.

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    Trickle filter. I am so confused, I just started changes every 7 days and I was told it shouldn't be for 2 weeks because then it makes the water too clean!?! This was from a guy that has reared fish of all kinds for 45 years. I thought that because of the trickle filter it would be better to clean more often especially as I've had some problems of late. I'm not sure if I mentioned my tank is planted.

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    A trickle filter as in a sump? Is it possible to get a picture?
    Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can pay the rent.

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    No, sorry can't get a pic. All I really want to know is if a new group of Phantoms will begin to school with the others or will they compete. My aquarium is able to handle the new ones.

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    All of my schooling fish - neons - rasboras - black phantoms - diamond tetras etc. school whether or not they were added at the same time or were added later.
    Go ahead - try to count my Bumblebee Gobies!

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    Clown Loaches, Neons, BumbleBee Gobies, Tetras
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    Baby Platies

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