Yesterday I added 4 Boesemani Rainbows to my tank. When I bought them, I didn't realize the male and females would color differently, but I also heard that sometimes they don't take on the full color right away.

I suspect that I have one male and three females. The one I suspect is male has a yellow-orange tale and is tinging blue, much like the pics I've seen of this species. He seems to spend more time next to or around one of the other three, who happens to be closest in size to him.

The other three are all silvery with pale-yellow tail ends. Am I correct in assuming these are females? The two largest (who also are not the ones who seem to have paired off with the male) seem to be more spazzy, zooming around the tank a lot more.

If these are in fact females, I am wondering if I should return one to the store and, now that I know what males look like, pick one that is most definitely a male so I'll have an even ratio. Or is it better to have more males and a single female?

Also, what else can I do to bring out their best colors?