Ok so the tank I have has been set up for about 6 or so months now. I just have never gotten around to making a journal for it. So I figure since the tank is already up and running I might as well start with the details of the tank and the equipment. The tank is a 3 foot 58 gallon seaclear tank. I believe the dimensions are something like 36Ē(L)X18Ē(W)X20Ē(H). There is no sump on the set up but I do have a Rena XP2 running with some Seachem Phosguard, as well as Purigen. For flow I currently have one Koralia 750. The lighting is a 36Ē 156 Watt 4 bulb Odyssea fixture with 2 10,000k bulbs and 2 Actinic. There is currently no skimmer on the tank but I just ordered a Coralife 65 that will hopefully be here this week =). I also ordered a new Aqueon 500GPH powerhead to go with my current Koralia. I believe with the rena taken into consideration that will put me at about 24x turnover, and it will be even higher with the skimmer taken into consideration as well which I am happy with.

Ok so now its time for the fun part, Stocking! Right now I have 2 striped damsels, (one of which is an absolute terror, but I canít say it wasnít expected) 2 ocellaris clowns, and one tiger pistol shrimp in with about 50 pounds of live rock and 50 pounds of aragonite sand, which give me a 2.5Ē sand bed on average. For CUC I have; 3 Mexican turbo snails, 6 Tronchus snails, 6 Margarita snails, 5 Nassarius snails, and 5 Cerith snails, as well as a sand sifting star and a few hermit crabs. I know the title says ďReefĒ but as of right now I only have one coral. I recently got a green colony of Zoas, I donít think one coral qualifies as a Reef but Iím gonna go with it =).

Now for my plans for the tank! I plan to make this tank into a nice softie and LPS reef. I donít plan on having any SPS at all, I donít think I have the light for them and Iím not sure if I will have the parameters for them. However I would love a bubble tip anemone for my clowns one day but that completely depends of the tank and how things end up working out. I plan to stick with just some soft corals for now and then work my way into adding some LPS to the tank, I think the lighting and flow in the tank are very suited for soft coral as well as LPS. If anyone disagrees please let me know. Future plans for fish are more difficult than the plans for coral. Future fish are all dependent on my one mean Damsel. Some of you may have read my post on my damsel and my unfortunate loss of the goby that was with my pistol shrimp. I donít want to lose any more fish to this damsel. As much as a pain the damsels are I canít say I donít like them though. They certainly are great fish to watch swim. I love seeing them dart in and out of their rather large cave all day so unfortunately the stocking of the tank is going to be limited to something that can hopefully hold its own against the damsel until it loses interest, which it usually does. Next time I get a new fish I will most definitely have a backup plan incase it doesnít work out.

I have recently been battling some cyno on my sand bed but I think it is just about gone. I donít have any pictures of the tank now but I will get some and post them tomorrow so everyone can see the tank so far =) Thanks for reading!